The start…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, hockey fans of all ages, colours and sizes; welcome to Banners On The Wall.


Banners On The Wall is a new blog focussing on Basingstoke Bison hockey as well as covering British hockey across the leagues.  I’m starting this because 2 of my hobbies are hockey and writing; I don’t write enough, I want to write more so why not mix the two?  Also we get to bring a bit of attention to the mighty Bison into the bargain! It’s a win-win!

This blog will be my opinions on what we’re seeing on the ice, what we’re seeing off the ice, funny stories, rumours, thoughts on signings and anything else inbetween.  If it affects Bison hockey then I’ll more than likely be writing about it.  If it really affects British hockey, I’ll probably chime in.


We have 2 pages live at the moment; there’s an About/FAQ page which gives you a lowdown on the blog as well as a bit of a disclaimer with regards to what may or may not be said.

We also by request have a page dedicated to the world of the Bison on Twitter.  We’ve got some of the people connected to the club in one way or another on there as well as a fan list. Check out the Twitter page for getting yourself added to that!


“Hang on!” I hear you cry, “why are you starting this blog at the end of the season?”  Well when some people said they’d be interested in me writing a blog, the end of the season and off season seemed an ideal time to start it so the format can be tinkered with and we can all have our usual mass panic of signings in the EPL before the 2011/12 season starts in force.

The 1st series of posts is in the works where we’ll look at the Bison class of 2010/11 yearbook and we’ll move on from there.


Leave comments on this intro as to what topics you want written about.  Hope you all enjoy it but if you’ll excuse me I have some writing to do.




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