Running with the Herd: Bison vs MK Lightning 26/3/2011

Final Score:

Basingstoke Bison 4-3 Milton Keynes Lightning

Kubenko x 3                    Jamieson (pp), Farn (pp), Kalgoum (6on5)

Long (pp)


MisKonduct: Matt Towalski was given a nice 10 minute rest by Mr Boniface in the first period after expressing his displeasure with a little too much zeal. Behind the play it appeared Towalski and Chinn got their stick tangled up and the MK captain for the night ended up on the ice. None of the 3 officials had seen anything and as Towalski skated to the bench with a cut on his face he let his mouth get the better of him.


Fiiiiight!: The game was very chippy in general but we had a full-blown pile up at 25:46.  Chris Wiggins piled in with a big hit that saw Nigel raise his arm for what was announced as a check to the head. It was an interesting call as Wiggins on skates about 6’8″ towers over most people so what is he supposed to do is a good question. MK players came piling in but so did Tony Redmond who appeared to have had enough and let his fists fly as well.  Lesson here; don’t annoy Tony Redmond.  Towalski and Redmond picked up 4 mins for roughing a piece and Grant McPhearson was given a game misconduct for 3rd man in.  He’d done very little before that point so got to do even less after that.


Muzzy really be like that?: Michael Wales was up to his usual antagonistic ways and the target of his ways seemed to be Viktor Kubenko. It was a very simple tactic; get under the skin of the best player for the opposition, get him to lash out and hey presto the impact player for the other team is in the box.  It even appeared at one stage that Wales offered The Machine to dance which is gutsy if nothing else; Wales stands 5’9″ 152 lbs compared to Kubenko who stands 6’3″ and 209 lbs.   However Kubenko didn’t take the bait.  The only thing Wales really got all evening was a face wash from Wiggins late in the 3rd period.


Goalie wars: Both Dean Skinns and Barry Hollyhead made a variety of great saves across the evening. Skinns had a particular beauty where the puck squeezed by him but managed to lean back and freeze the puck before it crossed the line.  Hollyhead made a variety of top draw saves with both pad and glove all night especially in the third when the Bison started tightening their grip on the game.


Jeden, Dva, Tre: A natural hat trick from Kubenko was the real game changer for the Bison.  His shorthanded, delayed penalty goal when the Bison were 2-0 down was a thing of beauty where he deked the defenceman out of his shorts then raced in on Hollyhead where he mesmerised the keeper before beating him 5 hole. 2 goals inside the first minute of the 3rd period utterly rattled the Lightning forcing Nick Poole to call the time out.  If nothing else they needed to buy Hollyhead some time to regain his composure. Kubenko kept coming but was denied a 4th goal by a brilliant glove save from Hollyhead.  His response was to come off the ice and smack his stick on a railing in frustration. We’re all our own worst critics I suppose.


Lowlight of the night: Alongside the at times farcical penalty calls or lack thereof MK’s second goal whilst well taken should not have counted. When the puck went back to the point it looked very much like it had crossed the blueline rendering the play offside but the linesmen somehow missed it. From block C I had an ok view but not an ideal one so asked people in block A and they agreed with me. Luckily in the grander scheme it didn’t end up costing the Bison.


Highlight of the night: Kubenko’s first goal, it was just that pretty.


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