Building the Herd – Tony Redmond

#20 Tony Redmond

Position: Centre/Defence/Assistant Coach/Perma-Bison

Born: Glasgow, Scotland

Announced as signed: Basingstoke Gazette, Thursday 14th April 2011

There’s a voice in my head that sounds somewhat like Professor Farnsworth from Futurama, “not unexpected but very good news everyone!”

It was announced in the Gazette that “Mr Basingstoke” Tony Redmond had signed on for another season in Bison colours. In 43 games last season, Redmond scored 4 goals and 32 assists for 36 points across the season making him the 7th highest scorer on the team and 3rd amongst the Bison Brits behind Nicky Chinn and Oli Bronnimann.

You won’t be shocked to hear this; I like this signing, I like it a lot. As a lead off signing for the Bison, it’s pretty much a win-win. Redmond is massively popular with the fans, team mates and pretty much everyone in British hockey because he is a very likeable chap who gives everything. Couple into it his play this season, there isn’t anywhere really this signing falls down at first glance.

OK, I am about to say something that sounds utterly and completely insane but believe me, in context you’ll see what I mean. Ready? Here we go; if you look over the career of Redmond, the one player who instantly sprang to mind when I was thinking of something to say was former Detroit Red Wings superstar, Sergei Fedorov. No, I’m not drunk writing this and no British hockey doesn’t really compare to the NHL but bear with me for a moment.

Here are the pages on Elite Prospects for the pair of them:



If you look at them side by side you notice a similar pattern. Both centres who at the start of their careers put up large numbers, become solid players who round out their games and the numbers dip a bit before tailing off as time goes on.

The two of them though are in similar positions though; yes their point production isn’t raising the roof but Redmond like Fedorov has adapted his game like the consummate professional that he is as time’s gone on. Redmond has proven himself to be Mr Versatility since his return to the Bison. He has played across all 3 forward lines and on defence when needed. He’d probably play in goal if you asked nicely enough or told him that Rangers had gone out of business.

He’s not the youngest, he’s not the fastest but he is very much ours and on any given night you won’t find a player more committed to the Bison cause who will do anything to get the win. Welcome back, Tony.


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