Building the Herd – Oli Bronnimann

#91 Oli Bronnimann

Position: Forward

Born: Margate, England

Announced as signed: Bison website, Tuesday 19th April

Another day, another signing and therefore another Building the Herd as the Bison announced the return of top British goalscorer, Oli Bronnimann.

Bronnimann, a British and Swiss dual national, is a former product of the Guildford and Genève-Servette junior systems. He helped lead the attack for the Bison with 34 goals and 20 assists for 54 points in 53 games in the EPL this season making him 5th in team scoring and 2nd amongst the team Brits. Bronimmann also registered 1 assist in the playoff encounter with the MK Lightning.

It’s doesn’t take much of a rocket scientist to see why Moria has brought Oli back. Off the back of a career year in terms of goals and points, equalling his career best for assists and generally just all around playing better than he did in 2009/10, Bronnimann has cemented himself as a key part of the Bison’s forward line and powerplay units.

To have a 30 goal Brit goalscorer is a great thing for any team in this league and having trawled through the stats, Bronnimann was the top British goal scorer in the EPL. Scott McKenzie of Telford and Gary Clarke of MK both had 30 and some chap called Tony Hand had 25. OK, Hand had 108 assists to go with those goals but Bronnimann has proven his potency at this level. The Bronnimann-Chinn-Lauko line when firing on all cylinders could move the puck around like other teams just weren’t there.

As I alluded to in the Bison yearbook, after the end of the 09/10 season I knew of a few people who would have passed on bringing Bronnimann back had an upgrade been available. Yes he had a 40 point + season but people were calling him the new Greg Chambers; they saw the talent but felt he coasted at times. In fact when Bronnimann was announced as having signed for 10/11, not only was it lost in amongst the general delight of Ondrej Lauko’s announced return but the sound system in Wolfies meant that I just didn’t hear it at all!

Then we got to start of this season. I can’t remember what game it was but there was an almighty crunch as a Bison player waffled someone into the boards, then another and another. The look of surprise on peoples’ faces when they realised it was Bronnimann was playing crash and bang hockey was priceless. However he kept it up all through the campaign. He was backchecking harder, he was scoring goals, he just looked a better player and adapted when Moria made his customary line changes.

Apparently we have another signing lined up for tomorrow so we’ll have another Building the Herd when we find out.

Until then all that’s left to be said is welcome back to Oli. We really must figure out a Twitter hashtag for him. Answers and ideas below.


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