Goodnight and Good Luck – Ben Davies

Another face wanders away from the Herd with the news today (7/5/11) that #5 Ben Davies will not be back in Hampshire for the 2011/12 EPL season

What have we lost?

Flash…aaaaaaaaaaah. Davies provided a jump to the attack mid-season when we really needed it. Speed to burn, brilliant hands and just an all round skillful guy. Some of the link up play with Steve Moria and Viktor Kubenko was a joy to watch at times. Any time you lose a point per game guy, it hurts the team.

Where has he gone?

Ben’s heading back home to the Cardiff Devils. Now I have to confess that I am not surprised by this. Ben is a Welshman through and through. He was born there, his family is there and he learned his hockey there. The fact he’s gone home isn’t that much of a revelation.

That said, lets go back and read the press release on the Devils website from when it was originally rumoured that Davies was coming:

Now lets read the release from today:

Not so much a change of tune as a change of orchestra and recording equipment. After that first release, I am a little but surprised that Ben been re-signed by the Devils and that he has gone back. I assume all hatchets are buried and I’m pleased to hear it. However the cynic in me thinks that perhaps Davies has to be wary. I am not a great supporter of the way the Devils organisation does things, I admit that but hopefully it all works out for him as he’s such a talented guy.

Who replaces him?

Not sure yet, there’s not a natural replacement that’s been announced yet. That said considering the change that was made (Hemmings out, Davies in, Best gets more ice time, Long gets back from injury) Davies coming in was somewhat luck of the draw. If Moria manages to sign a Brit if Davies calibre that can play top line minutes like Bronnimann can then we’re in the money.

Final words

Thanks Ben. Ben Davies is a talented player and one that should, if we’re honest, be playing in the EIHL week in, week out. We were treated to a few months of a very talented player. All the best to him.


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