Goodnight and Good Luck – Rick Skene

2010/11 Coach’s player of the season #55 Rick Skene was tonight (11/5/11) announced as not returning to the Bison for the 2011/12 season.

What have we lost?

Bison have lost a solid if somewhat injury prone stay at home defenceman. Rick Skene isn’t the guy you sign to set the world alight; he’s not the guy to score 50 points from the blue line. He’s the guy at the back who is there, always there. He’ll put his body on the line for the cause but he’ll also do the basics well like riding guys out into the corners and just getting in the way and breaking plays up. Rick did have a habit at times of being caught out of position or jumping into the play, we can’t ignore that but we can’t ignore all the great work Skene did as well.

Where has he gone?

Rick has signed for Peterborough Phantoms for the new season. Under new player/coach Chris Allen who has taken over from Curtis Cruickshank, the defence corps in Cambridgeshire has been overhauled. Out was legendary figure Dwayne Newman and Allen has brought in Skene, Greg Randall from Bracknell and Joe Graham from Guildford to front a new look Phantoms defence whilst keeping some fan favourites from last year.

Who replaces him?

Same as with Ben, not sure yet really. This new defensive import we’re meant to be introduced to at the meet and greet on 25th May is a replacement for Mindy. We’ll have to see who replaces Rick.

Final words

Rick Skene will never win all the plaudits or the awards. He will likely never be an EPL all star because he is not flashy and he is not the best player out there. However Rick Skene is a tough as nails, hard working, salt of the Earth player and I enjoyed watching him last season. He also has the most impressive beard in hockey. Take care Rick.


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