Building the Herd – Marcel Petran

#?? Marcel Petran

Position: Defence

Born: Slovakia (Nowhere that I can read is more specific)

Announced as signed: Basingstoke Gazette 19th May

With the departure of Mindy Kieras to Slough, Basingstoke Bison coach Steve Moria has gone back to Eastern Europe to find his replacement with the signing of Slovakian defenceman Marcel Petran from HK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas of the Slovak 1. Liga.

The 24 year old checks in at 6’2”, 205lbs having spent most of his professional career with HK32 in the Extraliga (the top Slovak league) as well as in the 1. Liga (Slovak 2nd division) and spells with MHK Ruzomberok in the 1. Liga and a successful spell in the MOL Liga (the combined Hungarian and Rumanian league) in 2009/10 with Hungarian side Ujpesti TE where he scored 12 goals and 17 assists for 29 points in 25 games.

Last season with HK32, Petran appeared in 36 games scoring 4 goals and 10 assists for 14 points whilst tallying up 101 minutes of penalties. In the playoffs he appeared in 7 games scoring 1 goal and 1 assist. He played alongside former Guildford Flames defender and fan favourite, Marian Smerciak

Marcel’s stats –

Well, this answers one big question. We’re under no illusions as to what Marcel is being brought into do. If you look at Mindy Kieras’ statistics, Moria’s signed a player of exactly the same height but about 15 lbs heavier and 6 years younger.

As fans though, we need to try and avoid falling into too much of a trap of overly comparing Marcel to Mindy. There will be similarities, Moria has signed himself a big blue liner with a big shot, that’s how Mo likes to run things but we can’t think he’s going to be a Kieras clone. It’s not fair to the guy. It’s a somewhat similar situation to the last two Slovaks we signed. None of us had a clue how they’d do and well, we all know how well they did.

His stats speak of a physical guy. The Slovak leagues are not ones to pad your scoring stats in (Lauko’s highest total in the 1. Liga was 58 points, Kubenko never scored more than 18 in the Extraliga) but in 2007/08 he clocked up 205 minutes of penalties which makes you wonder what he was doing be it fighting or excessively gobbing off to the ref. Last season was a modest 101 which is a bit more reasonable in terms of being a physical defenceman. It will be interesting to see how his game translates to the EPL.

His stats from the MOL Liga tell an interesting tale as well. Whilst in my uneducated opinion I’d say the MOL is a tiny step above the EPL, it’s still a good league for comparison purposes and we’ve just signed a defenceman who averaged a point a game.

The other thing of note from the Gazette’s article is (and I totally blame my mentioning it in the GNGL post for Carl Graham) Tony Redmond will go back to playing on defence which of course changes the dimension of our defence compared to last year and makes me wonder what forwards are lined up.

Either way, the important thing is we have a new member of the Herd. Welcome Marcel, if you’re anything like the last two Slovaks we’ve signed you’re going to fit in brilliantly.


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