Building the Herd – Matt Colclough

#?? Matt Colclough

Position: Goaltender

Born: Guildford, Surrey

Announced as signed: Bison “Meet and Greet” event 25th May

The second person announced at the Bison meet and greet was the addition of a new member of the netminding corps in Guildford born, Matt Colclough.

21 year old Colclough joins the Bison from Wightlink Raiders of ENL 1 South where he spent the last 2 seasons after playing his junior hockey in Guildford. In his second season with the Raiders, Colclough backstopped the Raiders to the ENL 1 South league title appearing in 40 games. He finished the 2010-11 season with a .929 save percentage and a 2.21 goals against average. This saw him finish at the top of the league’s netminding stats.

Colclough was also named to the ENL 1 South 1st All Star team by a panel of coaches, captains and “senior players” organised by the website Pro Hockey News.

Now some of us watch ENL hockey, some of us don’t but personally I really like this signing. If we are honest with ourselves, none of us believed that Tom Annetts would be back for this season and this obviously leaves something of a hole. However if you’re going to take a player from a level below and bring him up Colclough seems a good choice at this position.

Moria has decided to show faith in some of the talents on offer in the ENL and I mentioned in the write up of Liam Chong’s signing that not everyone has a great opinion of the ENL but that top end of the league has some very good hockey players in it. We’ve signed someone off the back of a league title winning season who was statistically the best netminder in the division and silverware to boot means on paper he’s at least worth a look.

Former Bison junior goalie Dan Weller-Evans who backed up Colclough for majority of the Raiders season as well as playing for ENL 2 side Wightlink Tigers and the Raiders’ under 18 side, offered a few words on Colclough’s playing style.

He’s just an all round good goalie, great technique and fast moving around his net. (His) positioning is brilliant and recovers well to the second puck if one is given. He holds the puck well and has a very orthodox style in net.”

That’s an encouraging assessment from a young man who spent a great deal of time working with him and gives us a bit of an insight into what we can expect.

I don’t expect Colclough to split the season 50/50 with Skinns, nobody really does but after Moria admitted that he’d overplayed Skinns there’s a great opportunity for Matt to get some decent playing time in his first season in EPL hockey in the hope of developing his talents to be a starter either next season or the season after. (If he plays as well as I’ve seen him play, preferably with us.)

We have a decent 1-2 punch in net but there’s still one more goalie to examine which will be tomorrow. All that’s left to say is welcome to the Herd, Matt. Personally I’m excited to see what you offer.


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