Building the Herd – Jacob Heron

#?? Jacob Heron

Position: Forward

Born: Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire

Announced as signed: Bison “Meet and Greet” event 25th May


So we finally make it on to the new forwards from the list of signings from the meet and greet night with the announcement that Jacob Heron has joined the Herd for 2011-12 season from Milton Keynes Lightning.


Heron, who turns 19 in July has played for every club in the MK system. Between 2008 and the end of the 2010 season Heron played for MK Storm (U18), MK Thunder (ENL) and MK Lighting icing in 105 games over 2 seasons for 3 teams. In 2010-11 Heron iced in all 54 games with the MK Lighting scoring 3 goals and 4 assists for 7 points with 18 PIMs. He also appeared in all 4 playoff contests for the Lightning as they reached the EPL Playoff final. He also found time to appear in 1 game in the ENL for the Thunder picking up 4 PIMs.


Well this is a slightly easier one to play with as Steve Moria was kind enough to tell us at the meet and greet what was happening with Jacob. Coach Mo mentioned that Heron had approached him with a view to being the 10th forward and that seems to have got his attention. To be fair it does make it easier to find players when they actively approach you wanting to play for you.


Milton Keynes also released word on Heron joining the Herd whilst announcing so re-signings:


Lightning coach Nick Poole was very gracious there I thought about a young man who wants to get some ice time and felt the time to venture away from what he knows. Now I am not that big an MK fan but they generally deserve respect in the way they operate. The player got to say goodbye to the fans who have watched him grow up and the coach wished him well. The only thing that made no sense was that mentions Heron had “taken the decision to move to another club” in a release that came at least 24 hours after he’d been announced by the Bison.


As a 10th forward though it’s debatable how much ice time Heron will see but I suppose I see the the logic in what he’s doing. He’s joining an organisation that is different from where he’s been so offers to come in, start at the bottom with the hope of getting regular 3rd line or maybe even 2nd line shifts opposition depending. His numbers in the EPL haven’t been super amazing, likely due to the ice time he’s been getting but ENL and U18 numbers aren’t terrible and if he can fit into Moria’s system well then he’ll get the chance to progress. We saw with Ciaran Long getting powerplay time and Callum Best getting regular shifts at the tail end of the season that Moria rewards players playing well with ice time.


Heron will take time to acclimatise and I don’t think we should expect miracles out of him immediately but we have a young man who wants to prove himself and Moria is prepared to give people the chance to do that at EPL level. He did it for Chris Wiggins and that seems to have worked out quite well for us. Here’s hoping he does it again.


Welcome to the Herd, Jacob. Here’s your chance!


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