Goodnight and Good Luck – Tom Annetts

Well, we all knew this one was coming. With the signing of three keepers for the Bison and news in the media today, #95 Tom Annetts will not be returning for the Basingstoke Bison this season.



What have we lost?


We’ve lost the backup netminder, there’s no real other way to say that. After a 2009-10 season, where Annetts wrestled the number 1 spot from Davey Lawrence by force in February 2010 his 2010-11 was almost the opposite.

Having begun the season as starter, his confidence bombed. He was overtaken by Dean Skinns and only saw fleeting appearances in relief and only started in games where Skinns needed time to prepare for a bigger game. His performances when he did appear belied his lack of confidence and left most of the fanbase on the edge of their seats wondering what would happen.


That said in his 2 years in Bison colours Annetts did show promise. On his day he was a confident netminder able to stop anything that got sent his way. He thrived on being busy in those times and was able to really control his rebounds.



Where has he gone?


Annetts has been announced as part of the netminding duo at Bracknell for 2011-12 with last season’s starter Carl Ambler. With Adam Marashi dropping to the ENL to play for Bracknell Hornets, it opened up a spot in the Bees netminding corps which former Bee Annetts was only too happy to fill. This will be Tom’s third spell with the Bees having played juniors there as well.


He’ll of course be playing alongside former Bison teammates Sean Thompson and Carl Graham.



Who replaces him?


Matt Colclough is Annetts’ replacement. As I said in his write up, Colclough is good enough to do a job at this level. After the season he had, an educated guess said that Annetts would not return to the Bison and I think Moria’s made an educated signing in bringing in Matt. The lad will hopefully hit the ground running full of confidence after last season.



Final words


I have always tried to be positive as well as honest in my attitude to Tom. He had a horrible season. Fans got on his back, his numbers dropped and he spent the better part of the season riding the pine.


However Annetts on his day is more than capable of playing EPL hockey as previous performances have shown. In the end of season yearbook, I commented that Andy Hemmings’ departure was ultimately best for him and best for the club. Hemmings’ career got a jolt and Bison got to make necessary changes up front.


The same principle applies for Tom. There were rumours he was done with hockey altogether which would have been a shame for a guy who obviously has talent. This move allows Annetts a chance to rebuild after a bad season in a place and organisation he knows well and Moria gets to make a needed change to the goalie ranks.


Naturally we wish Tom all the best and we’ll see him next season.


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