South of the South – A review of 2010/11 hockey in the south…in rhyme

Last weekend was UK Forum All Stars weekend at Ice Sheffield which has, at time of writing, raised close to £12,000 for 5 charities.  How awesome is that?


Every year since it started, Big Dave Grant has asked me to write a review of hockey in the south of the British Isles.  The last few years I’ve done it in a very formulaic way.  This year I decided to try something a bit different and, as the weekend has passed us by, Dave has been kind enough to allow me to post it here.  Enjoy!


Song of the South

By Anthony Russell


People say that some people in British hockey live in a fairytale world. Well, how about a fairytale?


Once again Big Dave has asked

That I go about a simple task,

To talk on hockey in the South

So time to open my great big mouth


In the Elite League where the big bucks are spent

You have the Cardiff Devils in their big blue tent

And under Paul Ragan’s ownership

They chased after the championship


They picked up a former NHL’er

In the form of the talented Craig Weller

Though the rest of us still scorn and scoff

At the goonish antics of Brad Voth


A 22 game winning streak

T’was the Devils at their peak

But Cardiff fell at the final fence

Sheffield took the crown, regulation wins the difference.


After dispatching Hull quite easily

Cardiff headed to the NIC

The Giants could not the Devils pause

But they got scratched by the Panthers’ claws


In the EPL for those who care

The South is well represented there

Bees, Flames, Jets, Wildcats and on

To the mighty Basingstoke Bison


Manchester, league champions, Slough Jets won the cup

But my Bison looked quite promising, a franchise on the up.

And as much as we taunted them and called them childish names

The hoodoo finally broken, playoff winners Guildford Flames


ENL1 South brought delight

To our friends on the Isle of Wight

And in terms of league titles won?

Corey Neilson zero, Jeremy Cornish one.


The playoffs proved a sterner test

Both Wightlink and Chelmsford gave their best

But 120 minutes gained

A trophy for the Chieftains


ENL South 2 was a 3 horse race

The Buffalo of Basingstoke, Slough and Solent in the race

Zoran Kozic tore the league apart

ENL Jets champions, breaking Solent hearts


Another season now is gone

But All Stars helps us carry on

The charities are delighted for the money you gave

And if anyone asks, the drinks are on Dave!


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