Building the Herd – Marek Dubec

#65 Marek Dudec

Position: Forward

Born: Slovakia

Announced as signed: Bison “season launch” event 3rd August


After weeks of waiting, tons of rumours and wild guesses aplenty the Basingstoke Bison completed their roster at the season launch event with the signing of forward Marek Dubec.


The 29 year old Slovakian comes to the Bison after spending last season with HK Spisska Nova Ves in the Slovakian 2nd division, the same club from which Manchester signed Ladislav Harabin in 2010. Though Dubec didn’t play many games last season, he scored 8 goals + 5 assists for 13 points in 15 games for Spisska as they finished off the regular season in 3rd place. As Spisska went into the playoffs, Debec appeared in 6 games scoring 3 goals and 3 assists for 6 points as they were knocked out at the semi final stage.


A product of the Slovan Bratislava youth system, Debec was drafted in the 8th round of the 2001 NHL Entry Draft by the Buffalo Sabres meaning he was drafted above current New York Islanders forward, P.A. Parenteau.


Unlike Daniel Volrab, Dubec never played in North America instead choosing to ply his trade with HC Vsetin in the Czech Extraliga. Dubec appeared on loan for various Czech sides like SK Horacka Slavia Trebic, Slezan Opava and Ostrava but the bulk of his career in the Czech Republic was with Vsetin. Dubec was part of the side that won the Czech Extraliga in 2004.


Dubec stayed with Vsetin until 2007 when the club folded due to financial issues and moved to Slovakia. In the Slovak Extraliga he appeared for HKM Zvolen (alongside Viktor Kubenko) and Dukla Trencin before last season’s excursion in division 2 with Spisska.


So the Bison have signed their second NHL draft pick of the summer, how positively Guildford of us! Dubec’s signing only adds to the mystery as to what sort of a side we’ll see this season. Again like Volrab, we can speculate for hours on end why he didn’t end up playing for Buffalo or even making the trip across to North America. There isn’t much point and we need to focus on what we do have and that’s the record of where he has played.


Just for a rough attempt at a comparison; Dubec has similar sort of numbers to Kubenko in Slovakia which obviously reads very well. Kubenko outscored Dubec 18 to 8 the season they played together in Zvolen but in terms of points per game over their time in the Slovak Extraliga, Dubec comes out the better though he played only 147 games to Kubenko’s 292.


If you look at Dubec’s stats, yes he seemed to bounce up and down a bit between playing for Vsetin and lower league sides but 200 plus games at Czech Extraliga level is nothing to be sniffed at. It is arguably one of the top 5 leagues in Europe in terms of talent and in a league that traditionally doesn’t help pad one’s stats, 0.22 points per game isn’t appalling.


Moria spoke of Dubec as an “all round” player; the sort who will score goals as well as go into corners and do the dirty work required. also lists 1 career fight from 2005 where he got into it with a chap called Radim Bicanek who was 2 inches taller and 22lbs heavier than him so it appears he’s not afraid to mix it up.


The issue for Bison fans I suppose is just the sheer uncertainty as to who we have signed. It’s a similar reaction we had to Lauko signing and Kubenko signing; we have no idea what we’re getting. That said, Moria has proven since we joined the EPL that he has a track record of finding imports that can score goals for fun. Lauko and Kubenko both ended up as EPL 2nd team all stars (and we all know how much of a joke it was that Kubenko wasn’t a 1st team all star) so I am prepared to give Moria the benefit of the doubt on our new imports for the time being.


Dubec looks like and has the record of someone who could come over and really do damage to this league if he hits his stride. Jaroslav Cesky only had 30 odd points in his last season in France before his 100+ point season with the Bees. Whilst it appears, from what Moria says, that he’s not an out and out goal scorer he may well contribute to his all round game. I’d be much happier with Volrab and Dubec scoring 60 points each than one scoring 80 and the other 40. I am encouraged by Marek’s signing but obviously full judgement is reserved until we see him against Guildford.


And so my friends, the 2011/2012 Herd is built. Coach Moria has laid his cards on the table as to the names and faces that will be donning the Bison colours this year. How is it going to go? Only one way to find out, roll on September!


Welcome to the Herd, Marek. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!


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