Update 15/8/2011 – The Update Strikes Back

Hi everyone, just wanted to update people as to the status of the blog and what is to come:


Interviews: These generally prove very popular and thanks for reading them and contributing your questions.  The two we have in the pipework at the moment with Brad Cruikshank and Planet Ice’s John Neville are coming.  The reason for the delay has been real life.  Brad and John are both very busy guys but believe me, they are coming.  Good things come to those who wait and all that.  I’m very grateful for the time they’re giving to do them.


During the season: The main focus will be Running with the Herd after games but we’ll be throwing other bits in here and there.  Interviews as well as features from elsewhere in the hockey world.  I’m lucky to have some contacts and friends in other places in the world of hockey so expect possibly the occasional blog crossover and work with other EPL bloggers.  Also be aware that some weekends I won’t be at Bison games so will blog about any other hockey I see.  For example, I’m planning a trip to the Isle of Wight at some stage and in October I’ll be in Coventry for a friend’s wedding followed by a Blaze game.


Popping up elsewhere: As ever I’m trying to spread my writing wings and you’ll be able to read stuff that I do in other places.

Ignite Magazine, produced by the Coventry Blaze have asked me back to do my EPL comment article series “From the Dark Side of the EPL” which is always a lot of fun to write.

The other place you’ll find me over the course of the season is with Pucks Across The Pond where I’ll be doing some pieces on the NHL. Pucks Across The Pond is a weekly podcast and blog which Aaron and Bradley, the guys who run it, do great work on.  Do check that out.


As August goes on we’ll have more Standing in the Way as teams complete their rosters as well as any other bits that come up.  The season is so close, the Bison 4 on 4 tournament is even closer!


See you at the rink!




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