Running with the Herd – Bison vs Slough Jets 8/10/11

Basingstoke Bison 6-7 Slough Jets

Petran x 3                   A Connelly

Chinn                         Calder x 3

Heron                         Pliskauskas

Volrab                        Watt


History repeating: Almost a year after the Bison threw away a 5-2 lead at home against the Guildford Flames, the Bison allowed 4 unanswered goals at 6-3 up to lose 7-6, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory; it was painful to watch.

The game was so open and neither defence nor netminders Matt Colclough or Gregg Rockman will be happy with last night.

The Bison just lacked the cohesion between the forwards and the defence to play a decent team defensive game and that’s what cost them. The gave the speedy Jets forwards (particularly Calder and Pliskauskas) far too much space to do what they wanted.

The most frustrating thing was the Bison bossed the first part of the game but the lapses saw the first period end 2-2 when it should have been 2 or 3-0. The second period they re-stamped their authority and then it all just slipped away.

Do the Petran (rinse and repeat): Not a great night defensively for either side but a hattrick from the big Slovakian saw the jazz hands ringing high above the arena all night. Petran led off the scoring with the first two goals of the night which were near carbon copies of each other with that giant and yet somehow devastatingly accurate shot that just never gave Rockman a chance. His second goal made me chuckle; a Jets defender tried to block the shot only for it to rebound to back Petran who unleashed the Slovak Cannon straight through Rockman’s legs.

Lets put it this way, I don’t think we’ll see Marcel score many deft back handed goals where he rounds 2 or 3 defencemen then twisting the goalie from his skates but then again he doesn’t need to.

Watt is he doing?: Ryan Watt ladies and gentlemen, what can you say? He infuriates as many as he inspires. In an attempt to raise his team’s spirits at 2-0 down he took a run at Volrab and took a 2+10 checking to the head penalty. Volrab was unhurt on the play, his only reaction was to laugh at Watt. He took his goal well in the second, being given all the space in the world to come in on Colclough’s right and fire into the far corner. Watt then attempted to make fun of Petran’s celebration but ended up looking like stupid truth be told. I appreciated what he was trying to do (get his fans going) but surely if you’re trying to rub it in you do that for the goal to go 7-6 up, not 6-5 down.

With the sort of reactions that Ryan generates from his own fans and that of the teams he plays I’d really love to interview the guy for the blog. I’d like to get inside his head and figure out the though processes. For all the antics, he can actually play and we forget that sometimes.

Did we miss Wiggy?: I was pondering this question on my way home last night. I think Wiggy could have been useful in keeping Watt quiet as well as keeping tabs on some of the usual Jets antics we see. Bison could have used a bit of a more physical edge at times last night, someone to just go out there to lay a few bit hits when the team were still leading to put Slough in their place. That said Wiggy’s hits seem to fall foul of the officials for no reason and with the erratic penalty calling at times it was hard to see whether Wiggins would have dominated or sat in the box most of the game. That reminds me, the penalty box is now sponsored so well done to the club for securing that deal.

A word on our opponents: I dislike Slough, I’ve never really liked the way they play as I’ve always felt they take liberties on the ice. Players like the Greeners annoy me to watch as they have buckets of talent but try to play tough guy time and time again and they’re not very good at it. Credit where it’s due though, they took their chances last night of which they were handed many. Whilst the Bison did play badly the Jets deserve credit for clawing themselves back into the contest. 2-0 down early Doug Shepherd refused to allow the heads to drop and they kept going and kept coming. It seems to be the story of Jets games in general recently where they start slow and come good at the end. That said I can’t help but think they got a fantastic assist on their win last night from some sloppy Bison play as much as their own hard work.  Calder got man of the match for his hattrick, seems fair enough.

Lowlight of the night: Really? Am I asking myself this question? If you can’t guess what that was, bed for you and no supper!

Highlight of the night: Petran’s hattrick was fun to watch and he has the potential to be a massive fan favourite whilst putting up a lot of points in the process; 6 points from 5 games is not a bad start to the season.

The new look Telford Tigers are in town next week, we can only hope for better next time out.


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