Five Minute Quick Fire Interviews – Jacob Heron

Having signed from Milton Keynes during the off season, 19 year old Jacob Heron has made quick work of getting himself noticed by Bison fans. In his first two weekends of EPL action for the Bison he tallied two goals, not bad when he scored 3 in the whole of last season!

At 5’8” Heron isn’t a tall man (I’ve promised him a medal if he manages to check Andre Payette) but plays with a determination that goes beyond size.


Jacob chatted to us after the Bison’s recent 7-6 home defeat to Slough and became Banners On The Wall’s first active Bison player interview. He took time to talk about why he signed in Basingstoke, growing up in the Milton Keynes system and what he’d prefer over seeing someone he knows win the Stanley Cup.


NOTE: Jacob’s answers have been transcribed from an audio recording. They’ve been cleaned up for grammar purposes but are otherwise unedited.


Thanks for taking the time to speak to us Jacob

That’s alright, it’s nice to be here.


We’ll start with tonight’s game versus Slough…what?

Just too open, we let too many things go to our net. We’ve got to tighten up at the back, forwards and d. We’ve got to come together more defensively; get it in, get it out, play a bit more of a team game instead of just d men and forwards and bring it all together.


You saw time on the top line tonight and got a good amount of minutes with Chris Wiggins out suspended. Considering when you came in it was announced you’d be 10th forward, you really got some solid ice time tonight:

I’ve come in and got my head down. I’m just trying to prove to my team mates and to Mo that I want to be on the ice as much as I can. If I get my chance, I just want to take it every time. Mo just keeps giving me my chance. It’s not just down to Wiggy being suspended as much as Mo wanting to try lines and see what clicks and what doesn’t so he was giving me a go on that line. We scored 2 goals, none against so our line did quite well but you never know.


We keep seeing you in a lot of different situations and roles, give us one sentence to sum up the Jacob Heron style:

Mainly hard worker and has a bit of finesse but mainly hard work and a good attitude.


You’re a product of the Milton Keynes system, we’ve had a couple of players but not had that many players come from Milton Keynes to play here. How would you describe the Milton Keynes junior system?

It’s really good. It doesn’t produce many superstars but you have Leigh Jamieson, Ross Green who is now playing for the Lightning, Jamie Line played his junior hockey in Milton Keynes, Ross Bowers who played for the Bison as well. It’s a good system. Unlike Swindon where there’s not much commitment, Milton Keynes has always been quite a committed club to the juniors. Nick Poole definitely gives them as much individual coaching as possible and he’s really helped me a lot.


And Nick Poole was the player/coach when you got your first game for the Lightning:

Yep, 14 years old when I had that and got an assist.


Then home to do the school work?

Yeah, pretty much.


Looking at the stats over the course of 2008/09 and 2009/10 season you played close to 100 games combined in EPL, ENL and juniors. Was that a positive thing for you or did you feel you overplayed as it were?

I definitely didn’t overplay as when I played for the EPL team I would be lucky to get a shift in the whole game but that’s what I had to deal with in Milton Keynes. I wasn’t going to get my opportunity as much as I wanted. When I played with the ENL team I really progressed into becoming a real go to guy for that team and then stepped into the Lightning last season.


Milton Keynes is the home town team for you and you played the full season in the EPL and went to Coventry with the side. What led you to sign in Basingstoke? What led to the change or was it time to move on?

I felt like I wasn’t going to get my chance in Milton Keynes still. I was going to be 10th forward in Milton Keynes. I’ll be 10th forward here but I know players like Callum Best and Wiggy came here as a 10th forward. Besty proved himself and got loads of ice time but it took him quite a while to get into the side. Wiggy’s done it and I’ve been lucky to get in and start from the beginning. I’m just really liking playing a lot of hockey at the moment.


Fast forward to April next year; what do you think would constitute a good season for yourself and the team?

Mainly for the team, we’ve got to win a trophy. The team we’ve got, we should be blowing teams like Slough out of the water. We shouldn’t be conceding goals like that. We should at least win a trophy. We’ve got to win a trophy really with the team we’ve got. We’ve got such a good team, the lads have come together so well.

For myself, I’d like to put 15 goals up and as many assists as I can.


NHL wise, who do you support?

One of the guys I used to play with, his little brother played his first game in the NHL last night, Mika Zibanejad for the Ottawa Senators. Being quite closely connected to that and seeing how Mika’s done in the Swedish Elite League and now onto the NHL. It’s been really interesting to watch how he’s done. He’s broken into the Swedish Elite League, scored a lot of goals there and has now gone into the NHL and is playing really well there.


Given the choice of a Stanley Cup win for Mika and the Sens or Fanta on tap for life which do you choose?

Fanta on tap for life it’s got to be, though I am sure Mika will win a cup.


Thanks to Jacob for his time.


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