Update 21/10/2011 – Update and the Bunnymen

So…bit of an eventful week wouldn’t you say? Thought it was time to give a few updates as to what’s going to be happening with the site as well as myself and just fill you all in on goings on.


This week’s news: For those of you who didn’t see it on Twitter, Marek Dubec will get a Goodnight and Good Luck piece about him on Monday followed by a special “Building the Herd” for our returning Slovak Machine, Viktor Kubenko on Tuesday ahead of Wednesday’s game with the Swindon Wildcats. The Swindon game will get a Running with the Herd on Thursday night but that might be a bit later than the 6pm I normally try to get stuff out for during the week. We’ll see.


Flying the coup: I am a somewhat busy chap and I’m just not going to be about for the odd game here and there. I very much view my season ticket as my investment in the team for the season and will always attend as many games as I can but there’s just some I can’t get to due to life.

Next weekend is one of those times so I won’t be doing the Twitter updates that weekend and no Running with the Herd. I’m attending the wedding of Paul Shipman, who wrote that amazing tribute to Wade Belak during the summer. I will however be attending Coventry Blaze vs Sheffield Steelers whilst I am up there so will do a special blog on that game and what we’re missing by not being in the EIHL anymore.

I’m also going to Rostock for a week next year so will miss a game then but will also do a special blog on my return to the rink that started my love affair with ice hockey.


Twitter updates: For those of you who don’t know, I do a fair chunk of the live updates from Bison home games on Twitter. I’d be interested in hearing your feedback. If there are any changes to the updates you think that I should make so things are better, let me know. If they’re practical then I’ll do my best to make them happen.


Ignition off: Sadly I won’t be writing on the EPL for the Blaze’s Ignite magazine this season. The Blaze organisation has decided to go in a different direction with the magazine and give it a much larger focus on the EIHL team which means no room for articles about the EPL, however small. Thanks to Antony Hopker and Stuart Coles on the editorial side of things for having me on board.

You can still read my contributions for Pucks Across The Pond and I’ll be posting my Lancashire Raptors articles on here as well as on PATP too.


Any other business: Is there anything else you want me to write about? I will try to occasionally cover the wild and wacky side of things in hockey, just for something different. I’ll also be trying to do more interviews with current and former Bison but is there something you’d like to see on here? Let me know.


Otherwise folks, I just hope you’re enjoying yourselves. It’s a lot of fun to write and whilst we’re not exactly on a par with BBC News in terms of hit count, it’s nice to see some of the numbers for certain articles. I’ve always said I do this to let off steam and I enjoy writing Banners On The Wall immensely. Hopefully you enjoy reading it too. See you all tomorrow at the rink for Marek’s farewell and then Wednesday…the Machine rides again!


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