Goodnight and Good Luck – Marek Dubec

Well, I’m doing this a bit sooner than I thought I would be but it’s time to say goodbye to a short lived member of the Bison family as #65 Marek Dubec bids us farewell.


What have we lost?


It’s not really so much what we’re losing but what we’re letting go. Dubec’s a decent sized forward who was good on the puck. He was always prepared to take the hit to make a play or make the hit to get things going. He was very good on the penalty kill. When the stars aligned he showed that he could put the puck in the net and scored a very good shorthanded goal in the pre-season game with Guildford.

Sadly for Dubec he seemed to be having real trouble settling down into the EPL and Moria’s system. He didn’t seem to really click with Volrab or Moria which meant one of the top two lines wasn’t firing on all cylinders. Dubec isn’t solely to blame for the Bison’s inconsistent start to the season but one of the things the Bison needed to make sure happened was that the top 6 forwards are starting to put up the numbers and Dubec, despite being a very good player is the playmaker, not the scorer that was needed.

It’s a shame really because in a different situation, we could have been hailing Dubec as one of the best in the EPL. Sadly it wasn’t to be.


Where has he gone?


At the moment, no idea. Marek played this past weekend in the double header with Milton Keynes but as of yet he has not been announced anywhere. With Peterborough having released Eric Bochna they need an import. There have also been rumours about Manchester import Juraj Faith leaving the Phoenix for France. It’s wait and see at the moment but I’m sure he will find another team.


Who replaces him?


If you don’t know that by now, that’s a fun hole you’ve been living in. More on him tomorrow.


Final words


Due to the fact we all know who is replacing Marek, this GNGL looks a bit shorter than the others were during the off season. It’s mainly because we didn’t need to go into massive comparisons as we all know what we’re getting.

Marek Dubec is a very talented hockey player with a skills set that on the right team will serve him well time and time again. He’s unfortunately been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He was an enjoyable player to watch and we saw flashes of brilliance but what Moria wanted the team to do, he couldn’t fit in with. He went out for the game on Saturday on Milton Keynes and acted like the true professional that he is and gave his all for the shirt he was in.

I think we all wish him the best wherever he goes. For us in Bisonland it is time to move on and prepare ourselves for what’s coming next. Long live the machine!


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