Goodnight and Good Luck – Dean Skinns

With the Bison on an enforced break thanks to the schedule and with some fans clammering for change in net, the Bison acted today with the release of #30 Dean Skinns, leaving the club after a season and a half.


What have we lost?


We’ve lost a talented netminder who sadly lost his form. When Skinns rejoined the Bison in September 2010 he was coming off the back of a disappointing season in Guildford where he lost the starting job to the heir apparent Mark Lee. He came to Basingstoke as the back up to Tom Annetts and when Annetts faltered, Skinns stepped up and took the number 1 job by force.

When he was named as the number 1 for this season, some were sceptical but Moria had shown faith in the man who carried the Bison at the end of the 2010/11 season. Matt Colclough was signed to take some of the pressure off of Skinns needing to play every game like he had been.

Skinns’ on his day could stop everything that came his way and would be clutch like you want your goalie to be. Sadly this season his save percentage has dropped to 0.85 which is too low for your starting goalie. Colclough had been starting game after game which was not the idea and it’s forced the hand of Moria into a change. The fans didn’t get on Skinns’ back like they did Tom Annetts last season but possibly that’s due to other frustrations with the team at the moment.


Where has he gone?


At the moment, nowhere though rumours abound obviously. Some are saying Peterborough, some are even wondering about the Isle of Wight but nothing is confirmed or even that solid a rumour yet. It remains to be seen.


Who replaces him?


Skinns was quickly replaced by Stephen Wall. We’ll look more at Wall later this week in his Building the Herd but Wall was the best British option at the moment since he left Peterborough. He’s one of the best keepers in the league, has a winning pedigree and clutch could almost be his middle name. As I said, wait till Thursday for more.


Final words


Dean Skinns has proven that he can be a starting netminder in the EPL. He has a playoff title with Slough under his belt and Bison fans have seen what he is capable of. Sadly this season it hasn’t happened and the team needed to make a change. Skinns backstopped the team to the EPL Cup Final last season on the back of some very strong netminding performances and we shouldn’t instantly sweep that under the rug.

However this is the best decision for all parties. Skinns wasn’t performing to the standard that we knew he could and too much pressure was falling on Matt Colclough as a result and someone who was meant to start 10-15 games was on pace to start over half the games as a 20 year old rookie.

Moria has managed to obtain a fantastic free agent goalie and the club become that much stronger as a result.

Dean has served the club admirably whatever the circumstance. All the best Dean, hope you find a new team soon.


One Comment on “Goodnight and Good Luck – Dean Skinns”

  1. paul says:

    What a lovely article and very honest, he was great last season and all the highlights u mentioned of skinns were honest its just a shame for him, but this website has been added to my favs very quickly enjoy the casual reads when I’m bored at work so plz keep them up! Cheers

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