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This is not going to be anything of substance but I am a bit annoyed about this.

I didn’t put this in the video because I didn’t think about it at the time but I want to comment a bit about this:


The lack of mention of even the Yaroslavl crash at BBC Sports Personality stuck a bit in my craw but I could at least understand it a tiny bit. Ice hockey is a minority sport in Great Britain, anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves in the extreme but the fact they didn’t mention it does sadden me.

For ESPN to not mention any of the 3 individual players who died or the Lokomotiv crash is nothing short of disgraceful for a channel that claims to be the number 1 sports network in the world operating in a country that has 23 of the 30 NHL franchises as well as most of the professional minor league in North America. ESPN used to be the major broadcaster of NHL hockey in the United States since they lost the contract to broadcast games to Versus (now NBC) their interest has gone so far out of the window it’s crossed the hills and has reached the sea.

That’s no excuse for not touching on this especially considering some of the things that were covered in the show that Puck Daddy points out. ESPN claim as of February 2011 to reach 100 million homes but saw fit in their year in review to not mention the name of 1 hockey player, not even in a year where an original 6 team won the cup with a netminder who statistically had one of the best years in history let alone one with the disasters the sport has had this year.

I wonder what would have to happen for the largest sports network in America to mention hockey if it won’t mention anything about the sport in 2011.


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