It was announced on Tuesday that Bristol Ice Rink, home of the Bristol Pitbulls of the ENL and Bristol Bulldogs junior ice hockey club, will be closed in October.  The owners of the land want to replace the rink with student flats on the site.  Below is the link to the news story from the Bristol Evening Post:

Now I have nothing against students of either the University of Bristol or University of West England (where my sister in law is a student) but in an olympic year where the words “sporting legacy” are being used time and time again, to lose a facility like this that provides not only entertainment but activity and exercise for people is crazy.

As many of us know, the rink isn’t just somewhere we go to watch hockey; we meet friends there, you take your kids to hockey practice or ice dancing practice or even just to have a skate to get some exercise (because Lord knows we keep getting told how overweight everybody is these days by the news).  A rink is a place of community be it between teammates or just friends meeting up to have a skate around. Imagine how we would feel if it happened to Basingstoke, to lose that from Bristol would be a crime.

From a hockey fan perspective, the hard work of Richie Hargreaves to bring ice hockey back to the city would, without a suitable plan in place, fall into the abyss. Hargreaves has put more time and effort to revive the sport in his hometown than you or I do into most things and the club now has the juniors and 2 ENL sides.  If the rink closes, boom! It all goes in the blink of an eye.

I rarely ask you guys to do anything but please, take 60 seconds to click and sign the petition on the link below:

Bristol were a great addition as a club to the Bison 4×4 tournament in September and I hope you’ll all get behind the hockey/skating community in Bristol as they try to save what they have created in the last couple of years.



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