1 year on… – Updateasaurus Rex 26/3/12

24th March 2011 was the date of the first post on Banners On The Wall.  It’s strange to think that 1 year ago a few people said they’d be interested in reading if I started writing and here we are.

In 1 year Banners On The Wall totals over 100 posts, thousands of hits and a few highlights such as interviewing Bison hockey favourites like Mikko Purontakanen and Albie O’Connell, current Bison like the very polite Jacob Heron (who makes me feel about 90) and of course recently a British hockey legend like Kevin Conway.

I’ve had a chance to write for Ignite Magazine for the Coventry Blaze, the matchnight programme of the Lancashire Raptors and also had the chance to write all sorts and be on the podcast for Pucks Across the Pond.

I’ve watched hockey in different leagues in different countries, I’ve answered the odd question from you lot and hopefully given a bit of a spotlight to some who would normally not get it like the very deserving ladies on the Bison Ladies team. (And keep supporting them as well!)

I’ve always liked writing, I find it relieves stress.  Some may quip “you watch the Bison, surely that makes more stress” and sometimes you’d be right but they’re my club and I love them.  This is immensely fun.

Coming soon is the end of season player review; last year we had the Bison Yearbook.  This year we head to the jukebox and get down to the sounds of “Now That’s What I Call Bison”. That’ll be coming the week between the end of the season and playoffs.  I’ll be giving my take on the playoffs and of course as the summer rolls on there’ll be some features and the usual “Building the Herd” series as the signings roll in for 2012/13.

Year 1 has been a great start for this and I want to keep going so keep going I shall.

I want to say thank you to Emily, my wife for supporting my hobby and putting up with me being in a grump when the results don’t go our way or I get writers block.

The other thank you goes to any and all who read and enjoy this.  It’s been great fun so far, lets see what year 2 brings us.

See you all in Coventry and remember, no matter what happens stay loud and proud!  Let’s Go Bison!



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