Building the Herd – Kurt Reynolds

#7 Kurt Reynolds

Position: Defence

Born: Basingstoke, England

Announced as signed: Bison website, Wednesday 30th April


After 3 consecutive days of me saying goodbye to players we lost on Friday, happy Monday everyone as we welcome back the hometown hero, 2011/12 player of the year and general all around master of Beastmode himself, Kurt Reynolds.

In a season littered with inconsistent play and team defensive issues, Reynolds was one of two standouts if not the standout player of the season. Miller had a near 60 point season but the one person we’re all talking about the most and the player who got 3 of the post season club awards is a defenceman who scored 13 points and tallied 78 penalty minutes, a career high for him.

It’s odd in some ways because on paper if you look at a defenceman who sets career high penalty minutes whilst scoring 10 less points than last season, you’d not instantly think it was a success. What would have dispelled that thought was watching Reynolds play.

Again without repeating too much of what I said in Now That’s What I Call Bison, Reynolds’ all round game was superb all season. All the traits that made him so good to start, his stickhandling, his skating, his positioning were added to with a quality mean streak and some bone crunching hits into the repertoire. Along with the couple of fights he had during the season, Kurt seemed to be playing angry and playing well. I wasn’t going to argue with it.

I suppose the only direction Kurt goes from here is to score slightly more than 13 points this season. Then again we don’t really know the make up of the team so far so whether Reynolds is looked upon to be the solid defenceman or be given more chances to join the rush going forward we don’t know. It does depend a lot on what direction Sheppard decides to go with his defensive import if he signs one. If the Bison sign a lot of offensive firepower both import and British then the club could go in the direction Guildford did last season and sign a more defensively minded import like Branislav Kvetan. That remains to be seen.

What we do know is that bar injury the Bison have signed one of the most secure and high quality defencemen in the EPL. He doesn’t have the all star awards or all the plaudits but he doesn’t need them. Some were even saying that if Reynolds returned he was an outside shot to be captain but I don’t think Reynolds needs a letter to be a leader on this team, he just is by default of his quality play. Here’s hoping it’s another stellar year.

Welcome back Kurt, just remember to flick the switch and turn Beastmode back on come September.


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