Goodnight and Good Luck – Craig Tribe

It’s been a little flurry of activity in Bisonland this week with the arrival yesterday of Zach Sullivan and Marcel Petran hopping off down the road to join Bracknell. A few hours after Zach was announced as a Bison, we found out one of last season’s team had decided that his future lay elsewhere and Craig Tribe has left the Herd.


What have we lost?

We’ve lost a player who, at EPL level was a capable third line forward. Tribe, the highest scoring of the third line forwards with 15 points wasn’t flashy forward but he was a bread and butter guy who went out, played hard for his shift and got off the ice. He saw little to no powerplay time and the odd bit of penalty kill but he went out, finished his checks, got into the corners, did what he needed to do and got off the ice. Then the next shift he went and did it again. His role at Wightlink will be markedly different but what the Bison are losing is a player who played for the jersey, put up a couple of points and tried every night.


Where has he gone?

Craig has been signed by friend of the blog Jeremy Cornish on the Isle of Wight

When you look at it this may be a good fit for Craig; he averages 1.57 points a game in the ENL, will get more ice time and more responsibility with the Raiders as they look to claim back what is now the NIHL South 1 title. The Raiders are getting someone who has spent the last 2 years playing at that higher level who will be a good role model for the younger members of the squad.


Who replaces him?

Not sure yet but I suppose if Tony Redmond swaps to being a forward from being defence then one could make an argument that he does.


Final thoughts:

My views on Craig Tribe’s performance in a Bison jersey are well known so I won’t go over the same ground again.

This is a move that works well for all parties in the end. The Bison continue to change things of a line up that put in the effort but didn’t get the results. The Wightlink Raiders get to add a forward that is proven at that level to the line up who can put up 50-60 points if all goes well that can help Coach Cornish as he retools his line up for the season. Tribe himself gets back to getting some serious ice time and more responsibility than just taking third line minutes. I only got to see Tribe once during his time in the ENL and he performed pretty well during his time there. The league has moved on in terms of its quality so it’ll be interesting to see how he adapts. As I write this, Tribe’s former team Bracknell Hornets have just announced former Bees and Jets import Peter Jasik so the quality of player being attracted to the league is getting better. Tribe does have the ability to adapt but the question remains if he can produce the amount of offensive output Cornish wants of him. You also have to factor in how well he’ll adapt to the ice at Ryde.

Not every player who puts on a Bison jersey makes an impact like Viktor Kubenko or puts up points like Ondrej Lauko or crushes people with hits like Chris Wiggins. Not everyone can be THE talked about guy. Teams need guys who will go out, do the hard yards and get it done and at EPL level Craig Tribe was a guy to do that. At ENL level, Craig Tribe has an opportunity to expand his resume for a season. We might see him back in the EPL or we may not. Whatever happens all the best to you, Craig and we’ll see you along the way.


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