Building the Herd – Cameron Wynn

#18 Cameron Wynn

Position: Forward

Born: Basingstoke, Hampshire

Announced as signed: Bison season ticket night 6th June


Doug Sheppard took to the stage on Wednesday night but unlike the last time he made announcements, those he was announcing followed him onto the stage. He talked about him last but numerically he’s first out of the three. The announcement also warranted the biggest cheer of the night as Coach Sheppard announced the return of home grown forward Cameron Wynn.

Wynn, 17, is a product of the Bison junior system who first appeared for the under 18 Bison side in the 2010/11 season at 15 years old. It was an impressive season for Cam as he tallied 19 goals and 13 assists for 32 points in 17 games. The 2011/12 season was a busy one for Wynn as he iced for 3 different Basingstoke teams. He improved on his scoring exploits for the u18 Bison scoring 36 goals and 19 assists for 55 points in 18 games making him the second highest point scorer in the league and the team’s top points getter as the Bison finished 7th. Wynn made 9 outings for the Basingstoke Buffalo in ENL South 2 where he tallied 11 goals and 9 assists for 20 points. For the maths wizards out there, that equates to 2.22 points per game. When injury troubles hit the EPL Bison in the season, Wynn was called into action with the senior team. Wynn iced 16 games for the Bison tallying 2 assists. Wynn’s gutsy play earned him many fans during his brief EPL tenure last season as well as getting to show off some of his skill when he was placed on a line with Joe Miller and Daniel Volrab.

This one appeared to be a popular one with the Bison faithful who were in the bar last night. Wynn’s ability was well known to those who paid attention to the junior system or the Buffalo but was something of an unknown to the Bison fanbase at large when he appeared as injury cover. We all know now.

Equal parts skill and tenacity is what endeared people to Cameron very quickly. Steve Moria obviously saw something in him when he put Wynn on the top line on more than one occasion. Despite not having tons of experience at that level, he didn’t look out of place on a line with Volrab and Miller, often driving straight to the net during a season when the Bison didn’t do it enough. He came close to a goal on many occasions but never quite had the fortune to redirect a puck into the net.

The remainder of the time saw Cameron rotating into the third line. Whilst he didn’t get a great chance to show off his skills he was more than able to play the role and got stuck in. I mentioned in his end of season review how on one shift he took a massive hit to allow the play then got straight back up and sprinted to the net to try and score. Third lines in the EPL need to primarily not concede goals but also need to take the chances they can get to score them. Wynn’s numbers at u18 and briefly in the ENL show that he knows where the net is. Whilst I doubt he’ll see tons of top 6 minutes this season, few are worried that Wynn won’t be inclined to go into the corners and dig the puck out.

It is a really good thing to see young, Basingstoke raised talent coming through (more on that tomorrow) and Wynn’s numbers tell of a player who could do big things. He’s not massive at the moment, 5’10 and 134lbs so there’s some bulking up to do but he’s only 17 so there’s time for his body to change and get bigger if not physically taller. He’ll start the season in a face cage but he can’t hide behind it but then again from what we’ve seen of him, I don’t think he’ll want to. I don’t expect Wynn to start throwing the mitts off at every chance, nor do I think his team mates will allow their youngest player to have someone go after him too much but youth gives a feeling of fearlessness that he’ll need to survive as he plays full time with the big boys.

Ultimately this signing is testament to Cameron’s talents and potential. When offered the opportunity last season, he grabbed it with both hands and clawed his way onto the roster to stay with the EPL side rather than being given a casual thank you and sent back to the under 18s. Whilst we’ll all be interested in how Cameron does and all Bison eyes will be on him, as 10th forward there is little expectation on his shoulders bar what he places there himself. His focus can be developing at a higher level than some of his peers. Zach Sullivan was in a similar position last season with Slough and excelled. We’re all hoping Cameron can do the same and that he’s the first of many junior Bison products to fight their way into the EPL side.

Congratulations and welcome Cam, the countdown till the cage comes off starts now.


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