Building the Herd – Connor Standing

#35 Connor Standing

Position: Netminder

Born: Basingstoke, Hampshire

Announced as signed: Bison season ticket night, 6th June


Having done 1 member of the Teenage Trio yesterday who didn’t start the season on the roster, we move onto the one who was on the roster the whole time but we saw little of. That man is the returning, now full time backup netminder Connor Standing.

Standing, who like Wynn is a Bison junior product was the “3rd netminder” on the Bison roster last season. He trained with the team but only made fleeting appearances for the Bison. His action for the EPL side mostly came in the season starting 4×4 tournament where he played the full game against Bristol and dressed for 1 EPL game but saw no time.

Standing’s time was spent with the Bison under 18 side where he iced in 18 games for the 7th placed side. Where Wynn was getting the plaudits for his high scoring ways, Standing was earning respect for his good netminding. A 4.40 goals against average was coupled with a .897 save percentage which is impressive when you factor in he faced close to 43 shots a game! Connor is also a south west conference netminder and has represented England.

My last write up for Connor was less than 400 words but I think we’ll beat that this time. My major disadvantage is I’ve not really had the chance to see him play that often but hopefully this piece does him some justice.

When first Stevie Lyle was announced as the starting netminder then Matt Colclough was announced as the starter on the Isle of Wight in a 2 way deal, it became a relatively safe bet that Connor was going to be promoted to full time back up.

It’s likely a mixture of things; of course cost comes into it. With a big money guy like Lyle in the starting position it takes money away from others and back up netminder is one of the obvious places to try and save a bit of money if you can do that. It’s common sense in some ways but it’s also a viable option for the Bison because of Standing’s talents in net.

Being a backup in the EPL isn’t a job you can give to just anyone. To some extent you hope that a keeper with Lyle’s quality can play 54 games but at the same time we have a good, young keeper who needs and equally as important, deserves to develop. The large chunk of that development this season will come in training with Lyle on a regular basis but there’s no reason if the Bison are 6-1 up with 8 minutes to go that you can’t give those 8 minutes to Standing. The other key issue is what happens in a tight game or a big game and, heaven forbid Lyle goes down injured? If Standing is on the bench for that game, he goes in. You don’t sign a backup if you don’t think he could do it. In Slough, Sheppard had Rockman and arguably a backup who was only going to get an injury by over working his door opening arm. Reportedly Standing has more potential than recent Slough backups whilst we obviously don’t want to see Lyle go down injured so he gets some ice time, people I speak to tell me I’ve got little to worry about.

Connor was brought into the EPL setup because he has the potential to be a regular player at this level. We hopefully will get more of a chance to see what he can do in the EPL, be it the odd minute here and there or something more substantial but Moria had the faith in the young man to make him number 3 and the circumstances that Sheppard has found himself in have given him the faith to make Connor number 2. Hopefully he uses the situation to his advantage and becomes a better player because of it.

Welcome back Connor, we look forward to seeing more of you out there.


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