Back to the future – UK Forum All Stars 2012

Every year I contribute to the programme for the UK Forum All Stars Weekend. UK Forum All Stars is where British hockey gets together to play the game we love, raise some money for charities and have some fun along the way.  I was struggling to get something written but then…something happened to change all that. The following came into my hands by mysterious means. One night, after hearing someone compliment the new structure for the upcoming EIHL season, a rip in the fabric of space and time appeared. This article fell through that hole in the universe and onto my dining room table. It was published in the programme and now we present it here on BOTW for you all to read. Anthony Russell – July 2012


Welcome fans to this All-Star weekend 2020 from the Ice Palace in the garden city of Leeds! It’s good to be back on British shores for All Stars after last year’s venture to Jersey for tax purposes.


It’s been a crazy season for British hockey on the whole but we are starting to see some real strides forward in the national team. Our performance at the corruption free 2020 Winter Olympics in Doha exceeded everyone’s expectations, especially the semi final win over Canada in overtime only to be marred by some poor refereeing in the gold medal game defeat by Turkey who have really stamped their authority on the world game in recent years. Tony Hand’s impressive tally of 15 assists from the BBC commentary box was the highlight of the tournament for Team GB.


The London Kossaks, performed admirably well in the newly expanded KHL this season. The Kossaks won the Upper Mid North Western Europe Division by 2 points but their points total of 85 meant they finished 33rd in the 64 team Western Conference and were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by 32nd placed side Paris Guillotines. The Kossaks lost the best of 3 first round series 2-1 by default after their league sponsor Ryanair flight to Paris landed at the nearest available airport for Ryanair flights in Helsinki and the Kossaks missed faceoff of game 3 by 4 days. In terms of league positioning, Britain’s other KHL representatives the Nottingham Panthers finished 2nd but they did win their 25th cup which means another star for the Panthers uniform. Panthers owner Neil Black said the cup was the trophy everyone wants to really win anyway.


As we all know the top tier in this country has really come into its own this season. The Hyper Mega League has produced some of the best hockey seen on British shores for years and our hosts for this weekend, Leeds Lumberjacks were right in the mix along with last season’s champions the Basingstoke Bison. The regular season went right down to the wire but ultimately the Bison added to their impressive hall of 5 consecutive league titles since the club moved to the DJ Bavy-dome. New Russian owner Yuri Leemustbesnortingstov plans to take the Bison into the KHL next season.

Cardiff Devils won the HML Cup but missed out on the playoff title by losing in overtime on a penalty shot after the puck hit all 3 posts, the back of the goalie’s helmet and the mascot to go in. The Devils fired their team exorcist after finals weekend.


The Elite League, now led by Commissioner Sir David Simms struggled to find credibility after the commissioner who also owns the Sheffield Steelers tried to argue that the Elite League was the best league in Britain and that he refused to acknowledge the existence of the Hyper Mega League, the KHL, the Easter Bunny, dentists, the Liberal Democrats or the British Development League created from the EPL, ENL, SNL and U18 leagues to link all sides with young players to develop them to improve the national team. Despite having the biggest budget, the Steelers lost out on all the trophies to the Fife Flyers whose new club constitution meant they had to play with 3 imports below the league maximum number. As such the Flyers won the EIHL playing with 10 imports for the first time in their history.


It really has been a rollercoaster year for all of us in British hockey but years after it started All Stars is still achieving the same goals; getting the British community together in the spirit of competitiveness on the ice and friendship off it to raise money for some excellent causes whilst having a ton of fun doing it. That said All Stars 2020 having a record 32 teams and charities has made the organising more difficult…


The article ended there. Wonder if it’ll come true


UK Forum All Stars is organised every year to bring hockey fans together in the spirit of friendship and to raise money for charity.  For more details on the weekend and this year’s charities, please check out


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