Update 6/8/12 – Chariots of Update

Greetings from Banners On The Wall HQ where I’m just checking on with a few thoughts, an update on what’s to come and a small request to one of you out there;


Who are the last 2 imports?

This is a tough one. A variety of names have flown about for the defensive import, one being Telford’s Juraj Senko who was announced by his agent as signing in Britain then confirmed by the player on the Tigers facebook page as staying in the EPL.  There had been some noise that Senko could be bound for Slough to join Mindy Kieras on the blue line and follow Bracknell’s copying of Manchester by signing 2 import defenders.  The other name floated as coming to the Bison is Manchester Phoenix defenceman and a man thoroughly booed whenever he comes to Bisonland, Ladislav Harabin.  Harabin is a bit of an outside shot in my opinion after 2 very successful years in Manchester with a league title and an all star appearance under his belt.  Then again Sheppard might have brought somebody completely new into the mix.

As for the forward, one name has dominated the conversation; Greg Chambers. It won’t be a popular choice for some, nor will I comment on it too much until it is confirmed, if it is even confirmed at all.  One thing’s for sure though, as a friend of the coach and having had amazing chemistry in the past with Greg Owen as a linemate I can’t help but think he’ll at least have been spoken to.

Always remember though friends, till the club announces it on the website or in the paper, it is not official.  Nor does the fact we’ve not announced anyone mean that nobody has signed.  We’re in the middle of the Olympics and press coverage for other sports will be low.  The club may well just be waiting for a slow news day or the gap between Olympic and Paralympic games to announce the signings.


What’s to come

Banners On The Wall has been a little quiet over this summer compared to its first. This is mainly due to my wife and I having bought our first property.  The summer has mainly been settling in and sorting bits out with that so bar the obvious hello and goodbye pieces, I’ve been focussing on sorting things out here.  This will change over time and as the season rumbles on I’ll be attempting to crank up the gears on the blog over the next few weeks.

As teams start to complete the rosters we’ll have the return of Standing in the Way where we look at the rosters of the Bison’s opponents in the EPL this season.  The EPL was arguably the most competitive league in British hockey last season but again we’ve seen a ton of big moves all over the shop.  What will Sheffield do with keeping Payette, signing Derek Campbell but losing Bowns and Ozolins?  Will the Bison’s heavy duty Brit core score and save big? Will Tony Hand play? Standing in the Way will cover it all.

Running with the Herd will of course be back for another season covering every Bison game I see which might *touch wood* include a few away games. The focus though will remain the home games as Sunday’s mean church. I love my hockey and I love writing but some things are more important.  However whatever hockey I see will always go on here.

4×4 tournament

Which leads me to the 4×4 tournament. A few friends and I are heading to Dublin that weekend for the Emerald Isle Classic (strictly a cultural venture you understand) but it would still be great to have some coverage of the event.  Which is where one of you lot comes in.  Fancy giving it a go?  Get in touch either in the comments or on the Banners On The Wall facebook page.  If tons of people ask (i.e. more than 2) I’ll find a way to decide that’s fair…ish.


That’s all for now so until we see you at Mo’s Testimonial on the 25th August, enjoy the Olympics.  BOTW out.


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