Building the Herd – Kris Melachrino

#44 Kris Melachrino

Position: Forward

Born: Guildford, Surrey

Announced as signed: Bison Website, 15th November


With the Bison currently 3 forwards down temporarily due to injury, Bison coach Doug Sheppard has moved to add to the Herd’s roster with the signing of British forward Kris Melachrino.

The elder brother of Bison forward Andy, Kris returns to the sport after 8 appearances in the ENL last season for Slough Jets ENL set up. Melachrino appeared in 8 games, tallying no points and 10 PIMs. Before that the only stats that exist are from the 2007/08 season where he appeared in 13 games for Guildford Phoenix, the under 18 side at the Spectrum where he tallied 1 goal + 1 assist for 2 points and 45 PIMs.

I am really looking forward to being part of the great team. I prefer to play as a forward as I like to crash the net and also dish out hits on defencemen. I just want to help the team any way I can.” Kris Melachrino, Basingstoke Gazette 15/11/12

This is a new situation. If you go back through the archives of Banners On The Wall, there are 37 articles in the Building the Herd series tallying thousands of words and hours of my time into researching, remembering and writing about players that are due to don the Bison jersey. Kris Melachrino is the 38th of these articles and for the first time, I don’t know what to say.

I initially had a bit of a moment. I dug through senior stats and junior stats to try and gleam any bit of information that I could but only one Melachrino appeared on the stats, Andrew. “How am I going to write about this?” I worried. I tweeted a couple of people, players and off ice types asking for a bit of information. Bison captain Tony Redmond even suggested that perhaps I wait till after the weekend to write something. Then it hit me. I actually quite like this feeling of not knowing.

Don’t get me wrong, I like reading up on players as much as the next person. Hockey is my hobby and there’s nothing I like more after a hard day than to sit down with a cup of tea and read through the latest news on Puck Daddy or THF or some of the more random German hockey websites I am known to read. The thing is that, as a person and a hockey fan, the unknown is great. Knowing everything is boring. We turn up to hockey games wanting the Bison to win but we don’t want to know they’ll win, that’s boring.

Melachrino is listed as 6’5 so is a big boy, the quote above says that he’s unlikely to be signed for his finesse and yes, there’s an amount we can probably figure out. However there’s something to be said for not knowing what’s coming.

Melachrino’s usage in the side depends a lot on the injury to Jacob Corson-Heron and how long he’ll be out of action for. It’s unlikely that someone with 8 games in the last 4 seasons is coming in to fill the gaps left by injuries to Joe Miller or Joe Greener. If JCH is out for a sustained period of time then he likely gets used as a 10th forward with Wynn taking the 9th forward slot or even being used further up the lines as he’s capable of doing. Melachrino is there to be a stereotypical 3rd line forward it appears but how he goes about the game is still a mystery. This may also play into the Bison’s hands. It’s harder for teams to deal with an unknown quantity. Also, as we’ve said on here many times, Doug Sheppard is not a mug and will know what he’s doing. Rather than doing our usual guessing games, this one time I’m going to sit back and see what happens.

Here’s also where you lot come in. We’re all learning together so after Sunday night’s game I’ll do Running with the Herd as normal but will be wanting your tweets about Kris’ performance. The best will go into the game review, just make them PG rated please.

Welcome to the Herd Kris, your brother’s doing well and hopefully you will to.


2 Comments on “Building the Herd – Kris Melachrino”

  1. says:

    I would speak to craig moran at slough, i was manager at slough last year and sorry but didn’t rate him. Didn’t train but expected to play. Got turned down by enl2 as not good enough. Only play 8 games for team and no other senior experience. Surely there are other brits out there to give a chance to.

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    • Thanks for commenting, Moggy. Sadly don’t have contact details for Craig but would be more than happy to speak to him at any stage.
      I agree this is one of those things that could go either way and the analytical side of me that normally dominates proceedings here (as it should, it makes for better writing) was incredibly confused. There’s likely a million and one factors that went into Shep making this decision but when I stepped back from my usual writing position, I had that sort of “shining light moment” as it were. I have a writing style for the blog and a mindset when writing it so to step back and let the fan in me take over for a bit actually helped with the writing of the article. Appreciate it’s not the most substantive hockey piece I’ve ever written but hopefully it’s still readable.

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