BOTW Extra; Corson-Heron to miss rest of the season

Having missed last weekend’s games and been seen on the bench with crutches due to injury, Bison forward Jacob Corson-Heron revealed last night that his 2012/13 season had come to a premature end.

The 20 year old British player in his second season with the team spoke to doctors yesterday and was given the prognosis; a ruptured lateral collateral ligament and anterior cruciate ligament, a torn hamstring muscle and a stress fracture to his fibula. Corson-Heron requires arthroscopic surgery on his knee, reconstructions of the LCL and ACL and work on the hamstring to repair the tear.

ACL and LCL injuries are more commonly associated with football players but all sports with heavy contact as well as those with a lot of twisting and turning in the legs sees athletes at risk of injuring the ligaments in their knees. Tiger Woods had his left ACL reconstructed in 2008 and former Liverpool and Man United striker Michael Owen had similar surgery in 2006. As there is no blood flow to the ligaments in that part of the leg, they won’t heal on their own which necessitates surgeons reconstructing them rather than letting them heal with time.

The good news for Corson-Heron is that as injuries of this type are the most common, there has been a lot of work done on them. Jacob is set to be out of action for 8-10 months as a result of the injury and has months of rehab ahead of him but research shows that 90% of sportsmen and women who have their ACL reconstructed return to action with no symptoms of knee instability. ( pages 7 and 8 give some helpful ideas)

I want to tell everyone how much I appreciate all the kind messages I’ve been sent since the announcement” said Corson-Heron, speaking to BOTW late last night. “I want to thank Doug Sheppard as well and once my rehab is done, I’ll be back.”

This is not nice news to ever hear. The hockey “analyst” side of me now understands the signing of Kris Melachrino to fill that gap on the bench for the Bison a lot more and how it looks like he won’t be short term cover.

Hearing someone is injured is never a nice thing. We all joke about players taking a beating in a fight and the like but we all know whether we’re fans, officials and players that the guys and girls who play the sport really love the sport. To have to miss any action, especially up to 10 months worth must be awful news whether you play rec hockey or EPL. Also many people in Basingstoke, Milton Keynes and elsewhere (myself included) who have spoken to Jacob think he’s a nice guy thoroughly undeserving of the situation he now finds himself in. Life is cruel sometimes.

There aren’t initially many positives to take from this situation but the light at the end of the tunnel is that this sort of injury is easily treatable, many fully recover from it to get back to their sporting careers and being a fit young man improves his chances of being back to full fitness sooner than someone like you or I. Whilst I don’t think that young Mr Corson-Heron has regenerative powers, nor should he rush his rehab, there are many good factors that speak to him returning to full fitness and doing what he does best, playing hockey.

I don’t normally like speaking for everyone but I think I do when I say we wish Jacob the best with the operation, his rehab and look forward to seeing him back on the ice (hopefully in a Bison jersey) before too long. All the best JCH, don’t be a stranger.


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  1. bison04 says:

    how’d he do it?

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