Update 22/1/13 – Riding Along On The Crest Of An Update

Hey there guys and girls, greetings from BOTW headquarters here in my secret mountain base (or Southampton, you can decide which it actually is).  Just popping in here to give you an update just to formalise a few bits and pieces that will be upcoming from Banners On The Wall


No big secret here but I’m off to Toronto for a holiday at the start of February which will mean BOTW goes quiet for about a week and a bit.  There will however be content as a result of the trip because Banners On The Road will be making a long awaited return.  The current rundown of the live hockey for me that week looks like this:

Sunday 10th February; Toronto Marlies vs Texas Stars, Ricoh Coliseum, AHL

Monday 11th February; Toronto Maple Leafs vs Philidelphia Flyers, Air Canada Centre, NHL

Saturday 16th February; Toronto Marlies vs Hershey Bears, Ricoh Coliseum, AHL

I’ll also be visiting the Hockey Hall Of Fame whilst over there as well as seeing the sites and meeting a friend of my wife.  BOTW will be strictly hockey related but I’ll likely do a travel blog for those interested. That will likely end up on Facebook though.  Strictly hockey on here.  I’ll do a review of all the games I see.  If by some freak occurance I end up at another game, I’ll do another write up.  The chances of me attending another game are small but you never know.

End of year:

For the last couple of years, BOTW has done an end of year review where we’ve looked at every player in detail.  Essentially I’ve done the same thing 2 different ways the last two seasons so I won’t be doing it this time around.  What I will be doing is organising a Banners On The Wall Player of the Year where I’ll get together an expert panel (names to be announced) where we’ll pick who we think is the best player overall for the Herd in the 2012/13 season.  What I’ll also be trying to do however is something different.

Where the Booster Club do an excellent job with organising the award for the fan’s player of the season, Banners On The Wall will be looking for who our opponents in the EPL think is the best Bison player this season as well.  Details of both will be announced in due course.

Other bits:

Other than the above, it’s business as normal for the blog; game reviews and also upcoming will be a review of another hockey book I got recently so there’s that to enjoy. (It’s a really good book).  My appearance at playoffs at the moment is dependent on family commitments but if I’m there, BOTW will do the usual.

Until our paths cross again; stay happy and if you can’t be happy be safe.



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