Banners On The Wall Player of the Year – Nominations open

Greetings readers and friends. With February ending tomorrow and the end of the season drawing nigh, it is time to put into place some plans for our end of season “festivities”.

Rather than our end of year review of every player as in years past, it will be the blog crowning our first ever player of the year.

Here’s how it works;

You, the readers, Bison fans and hockey watchers nominate the finalists. Every player that gets a minimum of 3 nominations will be eligible to win the award. Voting opens right now and will last until 6pm Friday 8th March.

You can vote in a number of ways:

  • In a comment to this post
  • By sending a tweet to @84arussell with the hashtag #BOTW on Twitter
  • Leaving a message on the Banners On The Wall facebook page
  • Responding the the thread on No Holds Bison

I will also accept votes by you just telling me but those are the preferences.

Once voting has closed, myself and the “expert panel” will weigh up the nominations and we’ll report back before the end of the season declaring the first ever winner.

Why you want to nominate someone is entirely up to you but try to take into account how well they’ve played and their impact on the team but if you want to nominate them because you like them then go for it too.

The panel will be myself and the following excellent people:

Hannah Driver; current Basingstoke Bison ladies star and match night penalty box official

Grant King of 5 Hole Photography

Nigel ‘Moose’ Simmonds; Bison super fan who hasn’t missed a home or away match all season

Jamie Walker; former Bison junior and writer of the official website’s game reports.

The voting is open right now. Nominate who you think is deserving and may the best player win.


2 Comments on “Banners On The Wall Player of the Year – Nominations open”

  1. paul moody says:

    Joe Rand is my vote but it was hard as I think Greg Owen is also a fine vote, but I will go for Rand

  2. Mick Buckley says:

    Joe Rand for me as well – what a find !!!

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