Building the Herd – Cameron Wynn

#18 Cameron Wynn

Position: Forward

Born: Basingstoke, Hampshire

Announced as signed: Bison season ticket night, 6th June


As Doug Sheppard took to the makeshift stage last night in the rink bar, the packed and very warm room was intrigued at what he had to say. After a very well delivered apology over the Redmond departure, he got down to business and announced the return of Cameron Wynn to the Bison.

Wynn, 18 came through the Bison junior system making his debut at u16 level when he was 14 in 2008/09 season. Wynn progressed through the junior system putting up impressive numbers. He scored 35 points in 18 games for the u16s in 2009/10 before splitting 2010/11 between the u16s where he scored 36 points in 18 games and under 18s where he 32 points in 17 games. 2011/12 saw Wynn star again for the under 18s as he averaged 3 points per game scoring 55 points in 18 contests. Wynn would also see a bit of action for the Basingstoke Buffalo scoring 20 points in 9 contests. Wynn was given his EPL debut by then coach Steve Moria in the back end of that season and made an immediate impression on the fans through his work rate tallying 2 assists. Wynn was called into the Bison full time when Doug Sheppard took over and dressed in all 54 regular season contests for the Bison scoring 3 assists before finally tallying his first goal in the last game of the regular season against Swindon in what was arguably the feel good moment of the season.

Wynn missed the EPL playoffs as he was called into the Great Britain u18 squad that went to Estonia where scored 1 goal in 5 appearances.

I hope Cameron and all of you will forgive me for not being surprised at this re-signing by Sheppard. It’s a deal that makes sense for a variety of reasons but the really important reason, the one that stands above all the others is that the lad can play.

The thing with younger players like Cameron is that the fanbase takes a sort of a “he’s our little brother” attitude towards them. It kind of blinds people to a player’s failings at times and we give them leeway we wouldn’t other players. I honestly try not to do that with Cam because if the coach thinks he’s good enough to play then he gets the same treatment that all the other players get; if he does well I say so and exactly the same if he doesn’t. It’s a hard balance to strike sometimes because you want to genuinely support this really good emerging talent but at the same time you don’t want to patronise him by giving him hockey’s equivalent of a pat on the head.

Aside from the fact he has a bucket of potential and time to learn and hone his game, Wynn’s biggest asset is actually his flexibility in his game as a forward. He sees the majority of his time as a third line forward and I thoroughly expect the same to happen again but he can slot into those higher lines and still be a valuable asset. He’s got good hands, good vision on and off the puck, isn’t afraid to go to the net; there’s a lot to work with there and plenty of opportunities for Wynn to shine.

It does go without saying that the young man needs to bulk up a bit. We did see occasions where he was all to easily rubbed out of the play (for some reason he seemed to always end up on the ice against Adam Greener last season) but he’s 18 and he’s still growing into his body so it’s not like the size won’t come with a bit of work on his part.

I think if you asked people who watched regularly last season, that first EPL goal for Wynn might have made the top 5 moments of the season. He came so close for so long that when it finally happened the roof nearly came off the building. I don’t think anyone would be as happy as Wynn himself. Look at his stats in the other leagues he’s played in, the lad knows where the net is. Now that monkey is off his back he can just get on with playing. That said I’m totally starting the hashtag #WeWant2 for Cam for the season on the game night updates. (Sorry Cam but hey, you have a hashtag now!)

He’s a signing for the future and it’s part and parcel of the EPL (or at least it’s meant to be) that we get to watch the future of British hockey develop. The added bonus is that it’s a lad that’s come through the ranks in Basingstoke.

Welcome back Cam.


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