Goodnight and Good Luck – Jacob Corson-Heron

After bidding farewell to Greg Chambers at the weekend, another member of last season’s roster with the news that Jacob Corson-Heron won’t be back for 2012/13.

What have we lost?

We’ve lost an effective and developing player with good hands and speed. Sadly we never really got to see him push on as much as many of us would have liked to due to his knee going pop. Corson-Heron was very good on the penalty kill due to his speed and general awareness. When he got the chance as well, he also had a really good wrist shot.

Where has he gone?

Jacob, along with Joe Graham was announced today by Manchester Phoenix.

Who replaces him?

I’d say arguably it’s a toss up between Aaron Connolly, Stuart Mogg and the possible other forward that Sheppard said he wants to sign. He did say 10 or 11 so I wonder if rumblings on that front are true.

Final thoughts:

Banners On The Wall caught up with Corson-Heron and when asked about his knee, the Milton Keynes based forward said “The knee is great, will be stronger than it was before by the time the season starts so on the injury front everything is going great.”

Was the plan to try and come to a deal with the Bison on an extension or was it time to move on?

For people who know me know that I was really happy in Basingstoke and had made it my new home away from home so originally I wanted to come back yes.

You’ve signed on with playoff winners Manchester for 13/14, what lead you to sign up north rather than closer to your home base in Milton Keynes?

Well after talking to Shep I decided that from the way things were sounding it wasn’t what I wanted to happen so I decided to look else were and tell teams I was available to talk to about next season.

The move sees you reunite with Liam Chong. The two of you formed a successful partnership here in Basingstoke but has Tony Hand given you any idea as to what his plans are for you? Will you start together or has he got something else in mind?

Yes that’s one of the major reasons behind the deal and of the reasons the idea of playing in Manchester appealed to me as well playing for a coach like Tony and for a big club like Manchester!

What are the differences about Jacob Corson-Heron the player and person now from the 19 year old who started the 2011/12 season in Basingstoke?

Well I’ve grown a lot as a person in size as well as mentally but I’m even more hungry than I was as I’ve worked so hard in the time I’ve not been playing to put on alot of size and strength so will be able to bring more to my game physically than I could before!

You’ve asked for a chance to say some parting words. The floor is yours, Jacob

I just want to thank everyone at Basingstoke from John Neville to Shep, the Mocat, Tosh and all my team mates and especially the fans who have supported me and kept in touch and asked about my recovery. You are the people who have motivated me to come back and progress with my rehab as quick as I have! I loved playing in Basingstoke and look forward to donning the Phoenix jersey next season and hopefully win some silverware! (Let’s not get carried away there lad, Ed.)Thank you all!!!

Probably the biggest shame about Corson-Heron going is that we arguably never got to see the best of him. He had a really good debut season in an average Bison side, got the chance to come back as part of a re-tooled line up and pop went the knee-sel. All the promise and expectation and excitement (from the female contingent mainly) about what could be achieved last season went.

What I think was noticed heavily by the Bison was that he didn’t stay away. Corson-Heron kept coming to games home and away and went at his rehab like a man possessed and when pictures appeared on him on the ice at training towards the end of the season, everyone was delighted. Jacob mentioned his plan was to dress for the playoff weekend should Bison make it but that was scuppered by a few things but there he was on the bench. Things have conspired against a comeback in Bison colours which will displease many but this is another one to chalk up in the column of “that’s hockey”. It’s likely not a slight from either party so much as a parting of the ways and you have to believe that the door never fully shuts, at least not in British hockey. Banners On The Wall’s first ever active player interviewee leaves the club and we all wish him well.

All the best, Jacob


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