Building the Herd – Danny Ingoldsby

#57 Danny Ingoldsby

Born: Basingstoke, Hampshire

Position: Forward

Announced as signed: Err…here, sort of


The Bison’s second pre-season game was the away match at the Spectrum against Guildford. It was announced that the Bison were adding a youngster to the ranks for the game by the name of Danny Ingoldsby. Ingoldsby played that night and has featured in every Bison game this season having now been confirmed as a member of the roster by the club and the player himself who spoke to Banners On The Wall earlier this week.

Ingoldsby played last season in the Guildford junior system where he played for the under 16 Firestars as well as scoring 21 points (11+10) in 13 games at under 18 level for the Guildford Phoenix. The 16 year old had signed on to play NIHL 2 South hockey for the reformed Haringey Racers as well as keep his junior registration with the Phoenix but instead Doug Sheppard has brought Ingolsby “back home” to where he started playing hockey.

When BOTW caught up with Danny, he explained how he was first introduced to the sport;

I started because my brother played it and it interested me after being dragged around all the ice rinks and watching his games. He always played for Basingstoke but at junior level only, nothing serious. I then started at the age of 10 at Basingstoke. In juniors I loved to snipe but now I just play it simple and go in hard. I would probably be seen as a power forward but I am a rookie here. I need to work my way up and gain experience first.

So how did you end up on Doug Sheppard’s radar?

I ended up on Doug’s radar thanks to Stuart Tempest (I think that’s his name) who owns the rink shop and the chairman of the juniors but I don’t have much knowledge of the junior club itself any more due to playing in Guildford recently. Rick Skene also sent a message to Doug saying I should train with the Bison over the summer and see how it goes. It went well and it’s been a blur from there.

You’d originally signed with Haringey but played for the Bison in Guildford and appear to have just stuck. What happened exactly?

Doug asked me to play against Guildford at the Spectrum to see how I coped under pressure and with the speed of the game as that was my first experience of a pro game. I kept up with the play and he was impressed so he asked me to sign after that. I took the opportunity and as I’ve said it’s all gone too quick for me to notice. I asked both Haringey and the Guildford juniors for my release which they both approved and wished me luck. They were both really supportive. I was sad to leave things at Guildford and I’d only just started with Haringey but the team there were really good guys. Simon Kears was a great coach and very supportive along with Mikey Simmons and Milos Melicherik.

Before we get too far in to this, the club should have announced on the website that Ingoldsby was on the roster full time. Yes that sounds like me nit picking but just a couple of lines to say he’s on the roster as a full time member to avoid confusion would be good for all fans. At the moment he’s been added to the roster page but the first announcement that he’s signed concrete is on here! Back to the task at hand.

The appearance of Ingoldsby in the Bison line up was a pleasant surprise; I’m never one to argue with young lads being added to the roster and getting a chance to develop that’s supposedly, the point of the EPL isn’t it? (All enquiries to the EIHA on that one) The rise of Cameron Wynn is well known to Bison fans. He was the young man who worked his way into training with the Bison to guesting for the Bison to a roster spot to a regular.

The rise of Ingoldsby seems to be going a touch faster. From signing in NIHL 2 to guesting in a pre-season game to top line minutes alongside Tomas Karpov and Joe Greener in the space of a couple of weeks. Doug Sheppard is not an easy man to please and he must really see something in the young man to be giving him such an opportunity.

Ingoldsby is a very Sheppard like player, even in his current 16 year old frame; the sort of player that goes out, works hard, does what needs to be done and gets off to let the next shift go. He is very much the unfinished product at the moment, he acknowledges that himself, but the potential in the young man is obvious when you watch him out there as well as when you see the situations that Sheppard puts him in to. He is, like most young people, fearless in his approach on the ice. He isn’t afraid to get stuck in and throw hits, go into the corners or to the net. His opening night standing up of Loris Taylor was a highlight in a frustrating game for the Herd.

How this develops remains to be seen. We all greeted James Smith with anticipation but despite some high energy performances the young Scotsman found himself farmed out to the Isle of Wight. If circumstances change for the team, could Danny be farmed out as well for more ice time and brought back next year? Also as the season goes on we will see what sort of resiliency the young man has. It’s forgotten sometimes in the context of the sport but at 16, the lad’s still growing into his body and he’ll get niggles and pains like the rest of them.

It’s easy to expect lots of young talents that burst onto the scene. That said, as a fan base people in Basingstoke have been restrained in years past. There’s a sense of optimism that they will do well rather than lumping tons of expectation upon a young man’s shoulders. That’s the treatment Dean Skinns got when he burst onto the scene as a youngster, that’s what Wynn got and that’s what Ingoldsby appears to be getting and should continue getting. The lad clearly has a bright future ahead of him and we all appear to be getting in on the ground floor.

Welcome to senior hockey, Danny. Enjoy the ride!


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