Bison Movember Review

It’s the month of November and it’s become the tradition for men across the world to grow their moustache or “mo” to raise money for prostate and testicular cancer research.

As the entire Bison squad are doing it, BOTW has enlisted the services of Hannah Farmer and Jessica Blackburn to review the Mo’s and they’ll choose their overall Mo Master at the end of the month. It’s all a bit of fun. Do you agree with their Mo-pinions? Tweet them or comment below!

Well, it’s most of the way through November and with the whole team claiming they’re participating in Movember, we’re starting to get an idea of how things are going for the boys. Although we’ll be giving out some awards at the end of the month, here are our thoughts on how things are going so far:

Kurt Reynolds – 7 – As expected he’s sporting the best groomed facial hair on the team. Shaped within an inch of its life he’s setting a high standard.

Andy Melachrino – 9 – Who cares about his moustache, with Melachrino it’s all about the flow. That’s not to say he’s not managed to grow one, but it’s overshadowed by his glorious mullet.

Zach Sullivan – 11 – He’s still a teenager, so we’ll give him a pass, but he’s putting the effort in with his solid neck-beard.

Cameron Wynn – 14 – On the way to winning most improved; not only has he doubled his scoring tally on last year, he’s grown at least three facial hairs.

Joe Baird – 15 – A dark horse. We’ll have to see how he looks at the end of the month, but one to watch.

Miroslav Vantroba – 18 – He made a slow start, but this week has shown he’s not one to be discounted. By the end of the month he could be a challenger.

Joe Miller – 19 – Miller has been sporting impressive growth from the first week, and styled for the Crimewatch look. We’re not looking forward to losing him, but could he grab the title on his way out?

Nicky Chinn – 27 – The Captain has impressed with a moustache/goatee combination a 17th century Spanish pirate would be proud of.

BZq9B4cIMAAXN_O.jpg large

Doug Sheppard – 28 – He’s trying?

Connor Standing – 35 – Probably for everyone’s benefit, he’s hiding his efforts behind the mask.

Thomas Karpov – 44 – On the ice Karpov is flying, but in the facial hair department he seems to be struggling. We’ll be kind and suggest it’s because he’s got light hair.

Dean Skinns – 45 – As always, Skinns is solid. What else would we expect though.

Danny Ingoldsby – 57 – It’s nice he’s joining in with the rest of the team.

Aaron Connolly – 63 – Impressive performance, not just in facial hair growth ability, but in his commitment to the styling.

BZrAgxMIUAAG6Jh.jpg large

“Hello ladies…”

Carl Graham – 81 – There’s some growth happening, but no real styling to speak of. Room for improvement if he really wants to impress.

Joe Rand – 86 – The imports seem to all be struggling. Rand is no exception. Could do better.

Stuart Mogg – 94 – He needs a few years to really get into the game, or they have a set of six stick on moustaches in various styles for sale in Poundland. I’m sure the rest of the rookies would be happy to chip in.

Joe Greener – 97 – He’s been a little overshadowed so far by the majesty of his linemate Miller’s creeperstasche, but Greener has made a huge leap forward this week. With some effort, he could definitely make a last minute grab for the title.

BZsEbaHIQAAfkp0.jpg large

Michael Wales – Number to be confirmed – A late addition and one we’re happy to have. His magnificent moustache drew our attention on Sunday so we’re more than happy to welcome him into the fold.

So there we go, while there are a few who thanks to age or genetics are struggling, those who can grow facial hair are going to make this a tight race. Miller is holding the top spot right now, but who knows where we’ll be on the 30th. There’s still over a week to go, and there’s all to play for.

In all seriousness though, hats off to each and every member of the team for putting themselves out there to raise money for and awareness about men’s health issues, in particular Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer and Mental Health issues. I (Hannah) have a cousin who was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in his early 20s, and although now he spends his weekends running triathlons, that was a scary year. The money raised by Movember will help research into curing Prostate and Testicular Cancer, and help support men who are living with cancer or mental health issues. So go on, even if you can only spare a couple of pounds, pay up at You’ll be doing a good thing.

Editor’s note: Thanks to Aaron, Joe and Nick for the photos.  Neither Aaron Connolly nor BOTW apologises for the awesome facial expression he’s pulling.


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