Goodnight and Good Luck – Tim Burrows

After Thursday’s general mass of news and yesterday’s bit of light fun, it’s back to the serious business today. It was revealed on Thursday that two players would be leaving the Herd, one of them being summer signing, Tim Burrows


What have we lost?

Burrows is a decent 2nd/3rd line forward at this level. He has decent hands, good speed, isn’t afraid to put the body about a bit and had good link up play with his line mates.

He’s not a big or flashy player but he’s a hard worker and never shirked his responsibilities at either end of the ice and you need good, “honest” players like that. Some of the initial link up play with fellow former Tiger, Tomas Karpov was promising as well. If nothing else, I enjoyed the German flag on the back of his jersey.


Where has he gone?

Tim is taking time out of the game. The Bison press release said he’s been given “an excellent job opportunity outside the game”. You can’t fault him for taking those kinds of opportunities.


Who replaces him?

As always, BOTW likes easy questions. Michael Wales is the obvious replacement here given the skill set and that, with the best will in the world I don’t think Wales is the goal scoring replacement for Miller.


Final thoughts:

Tim Burrows is a great lad” was pretty much the universal response from everybody I talked to when he signed. Be it Cardiff or Telford, everyone was singing his praises and his skills when he signed for the Bison. When I spoke to him over the summer he was really looking forward to coming to Basingstoke with Tomas Karpov and having that chance at recreating the success they’d had in Shropshire.

I think if we’re honest, Burrows probably didn’t hit his stride, certainly not to the point he would have been satisfied with. He was signed to add secondary scoring and managed to get all the other facets of his game up and running but he had 1 goal in 17 games and 6 assists. My personal feeling on it was there was going to be a moment when the switch was flipped and he’d go great guns but maybe not performing as he would have liked made the decision to take this new job a bit easier.

The one thing that I really hope is that Burrows isn’t lost to hockey. He is a good player, you don’t have 40 point EPL seasons if you’re not decent and hopefully wherever he’s going there’s a chance for him to play somewhere or pass on his knowledge to some youngsters. These decisions are never taken lightly but they are taken and Tim’s chosen to step away from the sport.

All the best Tim, may the next chapter give you what you want from it. Don’t be a stranger.


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