BOTW Movember Awards

Having had the Movember update, the runners and riders all made it to the end of the month but who was the overall MoMaster?  Hannah Farmer and Jessica Blackburn return to BOTW to give us the winners;

Well, November is over. Which means that we’ve been in mourning for the glorious Movember ‘taches that at least half the team managed. They will live on in our hearts though, and in the hundreds of pictures we took so that we could properly evaluate their mo-growing abilities. 

It wasn’t that hard to separate off the ones whose ability to grow a mo was lacking (whether for reasons of age or genetics) but there was tough competition at the top. In the end it went right up to the wire, with our deliberations carrying on until we were walking into the bar after the game. We graded the boys on their mo growth, styling, and most importantly how much commitment they put into looking like a creep. 
Aaron Connolly
While Connolly almost lost this for himself by showing up after the game sans mo, it was Connolly’s commitment to styling which in the end put him above the competition. His enthusiasm for making himself look like a creep payed off, and we’re not going to lie, his glorious selfie definitely helped. So congratulations, enjoy not looking like a very particular kind of movie star. Although, given how many points you put up this month, you might have to grow it back for luck. 
Runner_upMichael Wales and Joe Greener
Either of these impressive tasches could have pipped Connolly to the post, and if we weren’t broke we would have awarded beer to all three. Greener’s skinny ‘tache and goatee combination took a couple of weeks to grow in, but once it arrived it was consistently beautiful. And we loved the styling of Wales’s mo from the second we saw it, but in the end he’s got more than a decade on Connolly, so it wasn’t quite so impressive. 
Danny Ingoldsby, Stuart Mogg and Cameron Wynn
Well. They tried, but in the end the entire fourth line was defeated by their age. We were concerned that they’d feel left out on the team because of their lack of mo-growing abilities so we tried to award them each a pack of fake ‘taches, but unfortunately they were embarrassed and hid from us. Shame. Oh well, we still have them if they want to take them off our hands and save them until next year. Barring a miracle, they’ll still need the help then. 
So there we are, your winners and losers. I could go on endlessly about the whole team’s efforts, but the real achievement is the more than £200 that’s been raised thanks to the generosity of the amazing Basingstoke fans. You can still donate here if you haven’t already. Even if you can only spare a couple of quid, it all goes to a great cause.

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