Goodnight and Good Luck – Danny Ingoldsby

The cycle of British hockey wheels ever onwards today with the news that the youngest member of the double winning Herd is off to pastures new as the club announced this morning that Danny Ingoldsby will not be returning for 2014/15.

Speaking to BOTW, Ingoldsby had a message for the Bison fans;

I had an amazing season, with the best bunch of guys I could ask for. They all looked after me. There was never a dull moment with them. I have a lot to learn and realised now that I need to play more and focus on my A-levels as well as the hockey. A big thanks to Doug for the great opportunity and to all the fans for their encouragement and support which meant a lot. It was great to feel part of the herd and fantastic winning the double.”

(c) 5 Hole Photography

(c) 5 Hole Photography

What have we lost?

The Bison lose a really good, developing young player. Ingoldsby didn’t see tons of ice time over the course of the season but when he was used he made the most of the chances he got. The club used the phrase “tenacious play” in the release for his departure which is actually spot on for the way Danny played. Maybe lacking in knowledge of what to do in certain situations at EPL level but he never stopped skating and always looked to do something with his time on the ice.

The one aspect that I personally will miss is his sheer lack of fear when it came to taking the body. Face cage or not, Danny would always try and make a big hit and make it when it was appropriate. More than one player was stood up thinking they’d run the young man over.

Where has he gone?

At the moment, nowhere but rumours abound about a move to the NIHL which would be sensible and offer Danny more ice time then he will get at EPL level in Basingstoke.

Who replaces him?

At the moment, nobody and I’m led to believe that tomorrow’s signing announcement isn’t a straight replacement for Danny.

Final thoughts:

To be honest, I’m nodding my head and saying “fair enough” to this one. Don’t get me wrong, I’d have quite happily had Danny back and he’s an enjoyable player to watch when he gets out there but there’s the problem; when he gets out there. At 16 he really needs to be playing. The advantageous thing for Danny last season was his age meant that he could play in the NIHL for the Buffalo and for the Bison under 18s when he got the chance but the Bison were his number one priority meaning large swathes of sitting on the bench.

At nearly 17, to develop Danny needs ice time. If, as widely expected by this writer, he signs in the NIHL then he should be getting regular shifts and maybe even the odd bit of special teams play. Given his quality shown at levels below the EPL last season (11 points in 4 NIHL 2 games and 9 points In 3 u18 games) a slot at NIHL 1 level isn’t out of the question I feel.

As has been said, it wasn’t a bad first season of senior hockey though was it; a week before opening night being set to be split between NIHL 2 and under 18s with Haringey and Guildford to then finish the season with two trophies in the EPL. I think it’s fair to say, the boy has done well.

All the best Danny, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of you.


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