Building the Herd – Cameron Wynn

#14 Cameron Wynn

Position: Forward

Born: Basingstoke, Hampshire

Announced as signed: Meet the players night, 26th August

(c) 5 Hole Photography

(c) 5 Hole Photography

As the Bison fans gathered in the rink bar to meet members of the upcoming season’s squad, Doug Sheppard released the final name on the roster for 2014/15 with the return of popular local born forward, Cameron Wynn.

Wynn, who turned 19 in March, will be splitting his time between playing for the Bison and attending the University of Surrey where he will study economics.

Cameron played in the junior system since under 10s and has progressed all the way to the Bison senior team, being one of the few players to score for every Basingstoke team as he did so. Cameron’s junior career was very promising, spending 4 years playing under 16 hockey with 35 points in 18 games during the 2009/10 season. For 2010/11, Cameron split his time between under 16s where he scored 36 points in 18 games and the under 18s where he scored 32 points in 17 games.

Understandably, such performances caught the eye of coaches in the senior teams and 2011/12 saw Wynn split his time three ways across the course of the campaign. He had a phenomenal year with the under 18s scoring an astounding 36 goals and 55 points in 18 games. His first forays into senior hockey proved productive as well as he scored 20 points in 9 NIHL2 games for the Buffalo and got the call from then coach Steve Moria to make appearances for the Bison in the EPL, scoring 2 assists in 16 games.

The efforts were enough that when regime change came for the Bison to start 2012/13, Doug Sheppard kept the youngster as a part of the roster and dressed him for the full 54 league game campaign. Wynn was mostly used being rotated into the 3rd line but saw time higher up the order when situation or injury demanded it. After another industrious season where he tallied three assists, Wynn rounded off the season with his first EPL goal in the final regular season game at home against Swindon before jetting off to Estonia with the Great Britain under 18s for the World Championships where he scored 1 goal in 5 appearances.

Wynn was re-signed for last season and was part of the infamous “white line” along with Stuart Mogg and Danny Ingoldsby. The line of youngsters at times saw minimal ice time, at times saw loads and at times was broken up as players were shuffled about in typical Sheppard fashion. Wynn found himself occasionally bumped up the lines as a top line winger which is what happened after the injury to Michael Wales late in the season. Wynn was thrust into top 6 minutes during the playoffs, scoring the Bison’s final goal against Sheffield and setting up Joe Greener for the Herd’s insurance marker against Guildford in the playoff semi final.

The 2014 EPL playoffs could arguably seen as the moment that Cameron Wynn stepped into the position of “EPL player”. With Michael Wales’ season curtailed by his broken ankle, Cam was asked to step into the breach and responded brilliantly. The performance against Sheffield was good but his performance against Guildford at Coventry was something else. Gone was the plucky youngster who got rubbed out of the play easily and in his place was a young man playing out of his skin and looking like a credible EPL scoring threat on the league’s biggest stage.

What Wynn now has to do is push on from that point. It’s a year of personal change for him, on and off the ice. Speaking from personal experience, going to university sees a massive personal upheaval (and you can thank me going to university for this blog existing in many ways) but on the ice, I think there’s change coming for Wynn. This is his fourth season with the team and the time has arguably come for Wynn, whose style lends itself towards being a contributor in points more than hits, to step away from the checking lines into putting more points on the board. At junior and lower levels he has been a prolific scorer and the moment is here after that excellent playoff performance to translate that into the regular season. This obviously depends on how Sheppard uses Wynn; it would be unfair to expect goals when he’s getting two minutes a night running into the corners but the potential and the talent are there for him to score points for this club. Maybe this season with all that’s going on for him, is asking for 10

With Wynn announced as the final piece of the roster, the instant projections show him on a 4th line with Grant Rounding and Stuart Mogg but this is Doug Sheppard hockey, the lines will always have that element of fluidity to them. The chances will come for Wynn to play up, maybe even get some special teams when the correct moment arises.

It’s all conjecture of course at this stage. The season is nearly upon us and the Bison squad to defend the double is complete. There’s something apt that a home grown player is the last piece added.

Welcome back, Cam and congratulations on your place at Surrey. We shall adhere to all stereotypes of being a student and order you snakebites.


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