The BOTW Podcast – episode 4

This week’s BOTW podcast sees us travel in time…it’s like Doctor Who at BOTW Towers!

We go into the past as we have a special chat with former Manchester Storm fan favourite, former ISL 2nd team all star and the current coach of Eisbären Berlin, Jeff Tomlinson. Jeff talks about the video that brought him to Manchester, getting his head around the league meaning more than the playoffs and how he still keeps tabs on British hockey.

We also look to the future and the return of hockey to Milton Keynes as the Lightning’s match night DJ, Mike Walls joins the show ahead of Saturday’s return to the Thunderdome.

All that plus the usual look at the results and fixtures.

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The BOTW Podcast; the news and views from the EPIHL, all levels above, below and inbetween.



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