Over Land and Sea

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So will this actually do anything?

I genuinely don’t know. As I say in the piece itself, this is what I can do. I appreciate in the grander scheme of things, one guy making a short piece like Over Land and Sea (OLAS) at speed like I have isn’t really a great deal but what I can do is make something like this to spread the message.

On this website I’ve written nearly 100 pieces a year for coming up to four years. I talk, I talk a lot. I’m not the most practically skilled of people but if I can use what skills I do have to help and to help keep somewhere that means a lot to people I know alive then call me an idealist or a fool, but I simply have to try.

I deliberately made this as short as I can so it’s easy to share because the message is what’s important here; that not only is there a facility that can work with the right model but that there’s a lot more past the idea that the rink is simply a “business” and a place where a hockey team I happen to like plays its games.

It’s pretty pointless even trying; the rink’s just not viable!

As I said in OLAS, Planet Ice think that the rink is not viable in the way they want to run a rink. That’s their right and their choice. I don’t have any issue with Planet Ice. What I disagree with is the timing of the decision to pull out and their assertion that the rink isn’t viable. It’s not viable in the current way it’s been run. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Now if Planet Ice has made their decision and wishes to step away then whilst I disagree with it, I’ll respect it but that makes getting the message out to save the rink more important.

Why is OLAS so hockey focussed?

Well, look around; this is Banners On The Wall; it’s a hockey website, this is what I know and this is what I do with my spare time. For those of you newer to what I do, BOTW is approaching it’s 4th birthday as a blog and the podcasting started back in October 2014 after years of being told I should give it a go. My contacts are primarily in the ice hockey world. The fact that all three people interviewed currently play NIHL2 for the Tigers is coincidental as they were the three who said they wanted to help and I’m working against the clock. Even Beckie who I spoke to about the ice dancing situation, is known to me because her other half is a hockey playing friend of mine. I appreciate it may feel a little hockey heavy as a result but I think the people interviewed make the overall point outside of hockey very well too.

What about the recent statement from the Isle of Wight Council?

This is certainly a very interesting development. The story is fast moving so naturally you can’t keep up with all developments at the speed you want. I don’t think it detracts from the point of OLAS which is to make known that the rink should be saved in whatever format is possible.

It doesn’t really cover everything!

No it doesn’t, nor could any piece 15 minutes long made in just over 36 hours really do it justice but the point of it is something short and easy to access to bring light to what’s happening.

So what is the answer then?

Obviously what the council have said puts the whole thing in a slightly different light however if some solution needs to be found, I’d plump towards a Community Interest Company being formed and running the rink as a social enterprise if it’s possible to do so, removing some of the commercial pressures of making a profit out of the equation. That said I think the leadership of such thing needs to come from islanders if that’s going to happen. A mainlander like me isn’t that in-tune to local concerns that would affect the place; people living on the island are much better placed to do such a thing though I’ll naturally lend any support I can give.

The council make a good point about looking at all options in their statement and ultimately any well structured solution that keeps the rink at Ryde going should be praised and evaluated.

So where shall I share it?

Anywhere and everywhere you can; I ask that you don’t claim it as your own work otherwise spread it far and wide. Any media enquiries about OLAS, please use the contact form on the podcast page.

A rally in support of the rink has been called for Sunday 22nd February outside the rink itself at 3:00pm. Go show your support if you can and then hang around to watch the juniors game.


3 Comments on “Over Land and Sea”

  1. Chris Wilmott says:

    Quite apart from the good work done by the ice-hockey people, it’s easy to ignore the fact that the figure-skaters contribute too. The Synchro teams have frequently represented GB, and many many individuals have only been able to develop because there is a rink. This means disaster all round, as many people have pointed out. We shall not easily forgive politicians who let it happen!

    • Hi Chris, I totally agree. With BOTW being a hockey site, as I say above there’s something of an understandable hockey bias to the piece but I made a concious effort to include the skaters in it and both Lita and Nathan made mention of skating too. Trust me, it hasn’t been ignored but I hope you can understand the slant I’ve taken on things, shall we say.

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