BOTW Player of the Year 2015/16 – nominations open

Hockey fans throughout the land, March here and that means that once again it is time to open the nominations for the 2015/16 BOTW Player of the Year.

Joe Rand, Tomas Karpov and Kurt Reynolds are the previous winners of the most drinkable prize in sports, the err…coveted “Edijs Brahmanis Trophy”.

The format remains unchanged because it seems to work. You lovely people get to nominate a player of their choosing from the Bison roster to be player of the year for whatever reason you so choose. You do not have to be a Bison fan to vote. Players that have to have played a competitive game for the Bison during the 2015/16 season are eligible for nomination. Once a player gets at least 3 nominations they qualify for the final.

Here is how we’re going to do this;

Nominations are open now and will run till 18:00 on Saturday 12th March.

After that point the expert panel will meet together with a view to announcing the winner before the final home game against Guildford on Sunday 20th March.

You can vote in a variety of ways:

  • As a comment on this post
  • Tweeting your selection to @BannersOTW on Twitter
  • In person if you see me

So there we go ladies and gents, if you want your favourite player in consideration for the final discussion then get to voting.


6 Comments on “BOTW Player of the Year 2015/16 – nominations open”

  1. Paul Dowling says:

    My nomination is for Jonny Baston

  2. Derek Hulbert says:

    My player of the season is Stuart Mogg. His all round ability has been a great asset for Mr Sheppard and his non stop, no nonsense approach has been the heartbeat of the team along with Aaron Connolly.

  3. Adrian Noad says:

    Jonny Baston

  4. Mike Chalmers says:

    Jon Baston

  5. Ben Weller-Evans says:

    Tomas Hiadlovsky

  6. Beckie Vockins says:

    Tomas Hiadlovsky hands down.

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