Banners On The Wall – 5th birthday

I tweeted late last night that I was going to do more about this at the end of the season but I changed my mind because why not actually be happy and celebrate it.

Yesterday, 24th March 2016 was the 5th birthday of Banners On The Wall, the day when I announced the blog to the world as a means to get the writing bug out of me. Tomorrow, 26th March is the 5th birthday of the first proper post which was the 2010/11 Bison yearbook.

There’s some bits on the blog that haven’t worked and died a death, there’s some bits that have stood the test of time; things like Running with the Herd, Building the Herd and Goodnight and Good Luck which have amazingly become part of people’s regular hockey reading. Standing in the Way has allowed the blog to showcase other people’s thoughts as well as giving what I think is something the EPL needs which is a good way to preview the teams in the league.

The blog spawned the BOTW Podcast which is at the end of its second season of being around and that gave me a chance to do some different stuff and broaden the focus out to British and world hockey. Whilst the blog is centred around one club, I strongly believe that hockey isn’t just a game played in the NHL but everywhere by many. Yes even the podcast has its EPL focus but it will look at anything hockey related if there’s a story to tell.

The blog (and a bit of needling, pushing and shoving) has seen me write for the Bison as well as clubs and websites in this country, Europe, North America and Australia. I’m not going to sit here and say I’m Bob McKenzie or anything but I believe I can look back at 5 years of BOTW and be proud of what I’ve managed to do.

Thanks to the readers and listeners over the last 5 years for their support. Stick with it, we’re not going anywhere and as long as I can write then I will write. Writing is the hobby, hockey is the prism through which I write. The fact you all enjoy it is a pleasing bonus. Thanks as well to my wife Emily (our household’s paid writer) for always understanding why I needed to start it and why I need to do it.

The season is not done yet and the season will be reviewed as always in a couple of weeks but I thought rather than palm it off, I should be proud of my baby and what it’s become. However to steal a line from this blog’s first ever piece, “hope you all enjoy it but if you’ll excuse me I have some writing to do.”




3 Comments on “Banners On The Wall – 5th birthday”

  1. Trev says:

    Well done Anthony. I have enjoyed reading your stuff from Day 1 and I don’t know what I would do without your tweets, which frequently tell me that what I thought I saw I didn’t, before I commit the metaphorical pen to paper. Hockeybloke owes you a beer. From one cutting edge Bison reporter to another.

    • Trev says:

      Forgot to say if you ever need any advice on writing unadulterated rubbish let me know.

  2. Happy birthday BOTW. It’s a labour of love but some of us know the labour element!

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