Goodnight and Good Luck – Lewis Turner

For the 2nd time in 2 seasons, the Bison have released a player after the opening weekend of the season with the announcement of the departure of Lewis Turner.

First out; Lewis Turner has left the Bison. (c) 5 Hole Photography

First out; Lewis Turner has left the Bison.
(c) 5 Hole Photography

What have we lost?

In Turner we’ve lost a really decent looking defenceman. Whilst word was that he didn’t have a great game in Hull, I thought he was a good shout for man of the match against Telford where the rest of the defence didn’t have the best of games. During pre-season as well, Turner had looked confident on the puck and had appeared to fit well into the Bison system. He is a player who knows his game and that’s to be a solid, stay at home guy which all teams need.

Where has he gone?

Lewis has “stepped back” from hockey due to his business ventures, so another player with a contract for Real Life IHC.

Who replaces him?

At the moment, nobody and with British defencemen something of a rare commodity I would venture that the Bison might have to run with 5 defenders for at least the next couple of weeks. Rumours started abounding about a return to the EPL for David Savage but those rumours are not very strong sounding at this time.

Final thoughts:

Given that Lewis wasn’t with the club for very long and doesn’t leave the Bison under something of a cloud like Ralfs Circenis did, it’s really hard to know much of what to say.

Anyone who has watched the EPL for the last couple of years knows that Lewis Turner is a very good hockey player at this level. He was a player that might not have been a number 1 defenceman on every team but he would have found a roster spot on every team, that much is certain.

It seems strange to go all the way through the summer and the pre-season and the first weekend to them step back from hockey due to work but that’s how it happens sometimes. Lewis has some professional pride is not going to want to half-arse the job and we wouldn’t want him to do so. Therefore if work is going to cause an issue then it’s better for club and player to say their thank yous and go their separate ways.

Might we see Lewis surface in the NIHL? Entirely possible given the reduced workload but given the demands of EPL hockey, if he’s stepping back due to time issues then don’t expect him to just magically appear for the Bees next week.

We are always accepting of player movement in British hockey, though I confess to always finding it odd so soon into the campaign when things are still so unsettled. We accept it and we move on.

All the best, Lewis and may everything away from hockey go as well as it can.


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