BOTW Player of the Year 2016/17 – nominations open

As the regular season draws to a close this coming Sunday, nominations are now open for the 2016/17 BOTW Player of the Year.

The BOTW Player of the Year award goes to the Bison player deemed “the best” by whatever metric you decide that means. Here’s how it works;

Starting 18:00 on Monday 13th March till 18:00 Monday 20th March, nominations for the award will be open. You pick the ONE Bison player that you think is deserving of the title “player of the year”. You can choose them for any reason you see fit. Every fan gets one vote only.

You can vote in a variety of ways:

  • As a comment on this post

The player has to have played in a competitive fixture for the Bison in the 2016/17 season so pre-season and the NIHL Selects game do not count. You do not have to be a Bison fan to vote. Players that receive 3 votes are eligible for the final round.

On Monday 20th March after voting closes, the BOTW Expert Panel will convene and will pick a winner from those eligible after the voting. The one chosen worthy is the BOTW Player of the Year and wins the most drinkable trophy in sports, the “Edijs Brahmanis Trophy” which will be awarded once the panel makes its decision.

Last season, captain Aaron Connolly took home the prize as he followed in the footsteps of Joe Rand, Tomas Karpov and Kurt Reynolds. Who will be the winner for 2016/17? Make sure your player is in the final discussion by voting!


8 Comments on “BOTW Player of the Year 2016/17 – nominations open”

  1. Derek Hulbert says:

    Dan Davies

  2. Toni Wickens says:

    Dan Davies

  3. Nick Dudley says:


  4. Conor Dudley says:

    Ciaran Long

  5. Michael Poole says:

    Ciaran Long

  6. Gemma Shephard says:

    Dan Davies

  7. Jamie says:

    Rene Jarolin

  8. Nick says:

    Ciaran Long

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