Goodnight and Good Luck – Rene Jarolin

Rene Jarolin is another of the Bison imports not returning for the venture into NIHL 1 South.
(c) 5 Hole Photography

With the departure to Tomas Hiadlovsky in the books, it’s time to say to the other player that the Bison announced wouldn’t be returning in Rene Jarolin.

What have we lost?

Since his arrival in November 2015, Jarolin has been one of the Bison’s most potent attacking threats. His partnership with Joe Greener and Ciaran Long in 2015/16 was the arguably the Bison’s most threatening forward line on the way to the title. Jarolin was deceptive, seemingly almost appearing from nowhere to make a pass or fire in which is impressive given that he’s not exactly a small guy. He wasn’t fast but seemed to make the space in one stride that others would in three or four. He reportedly can’t see that well off the ice without his glasses but could see everything and everyone on it. Despite his advancing years, Jarolin was the match of many defences and put up numbers that also saw him named to the second all star team off the back of joining the Herd a couple of months into the season.

Let us also not forget that he scores with his face.

Where has he gone?

At the moment, nowhere. Jarolin, along with Tomas Hiadlovsky, are not returning as a result of the Bison’s move to the NIHL 1 South.

Who replaces him?

At the moment, nobody but there’s nobody signed up for next season so as with Hiadlovsky there’s only rumour and conjecture.

Final thoughts:

It’s the 26th November 2015; Joe Rand has “retired” from hockey and there are two free agent import forwards lurking around the EPIHL. Frantisek Bakrlik has left Bracknell and ends up at Milton Keynes and Rene Jarolin, despite being at a point per game is released by the Lightning having scored 5 goals in 20 games. I theorised on here why Doug Sheppard made that choice at the time, why he had chosen the EIHL player who had appeared to be struggling to adjust to the EPL instead of the player who had torn the EPL apart. It seemed a bit of a gamble.

It also seems Sheppard was proven right in the end. After 5 goals in 20 games, Jarolin hit 24 in his 35 games for the Herd. His overall record in his 86 Bison regular season games was 48 goals and 107 points. For whatever reason, Jarolin seemed to work in the Bison’s systems where he didn’t work for Milton Keynes. That happens; we saw players come into the Bison’s systems and just not work like Petr Polodna or JJ Pitchley and this was just the reverse of that. Jarolin came to Hampshire and made the players around him better. He was never going to win a foot race with Tomasz Malasinski or out muscle Doug Clarkson but for some reason, he just seemed to be able to do the right thing at the right time.
Jarolin was a different figure in the Bison roster. With a team that’s generally been at the younger end of the scale, the Slovak cut a bit of a different figure. 35 years old and closer to the end of his career than the start, he was the right guy in the right place at the right time.

It’s a shame that he has to go as I believe that if the Bison manage to keep a large chunk of their defensive corps that the Herd will go down the two import forward route and Jarolin and AN Other would have been a fantastic 1-2 punch in the NIHL but it’s not to be.

There’s not much left to say than this for the last time;

Thanks, Rene.

Thanks, Pete Russell.

He scores with his face, he scores with his faaaaaace, Rene Jarolin, he scores with his face.


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