Building the Herd – Elliott Dewey

#?? Elliott Dewey

Position: Defence

Born: Basingstoke, Hampshire

Announced as signed: Basingstoke Gazette, 1st June

Back once again. After 3 seasons in Kent, Elliott Dewey is a Bison once again.
(c) 5 Hole Photography

The move of the Basingstoke Bison into NIHL 1 South meant that there would be changes to this roster and the first “new” signing was announced with the return to his hometown team of 20 year old defenceman, Elliott Dewey.

The former junior Bison played a large chunk of his junior career in Slough with the Junior Jets, putting up impressive scoring numbers at the Hanger for a defenceman, leaving Berkshire in 2013.

Dewey then returned to Basingstoke as he was snapped up by Doug Sheppard for the Bison. However Bison fans weren’t greeted to seeing the youngster. After 7 games with the Herd, Dewey vanished. The club made no announcement that he was no longer on the roster but the stay at home defenceman found a home in NIHL 2 with the Buffalo with whom he scored his first senior points as well as with the Bison under 18s.

The Bison won the 2014 EPL cup and playoffs without Dewey who found his future away from Basingstoke. Kevin Parish, coach of the Invicta Dynamos came calling and convinced the developing youngster to try his hand at NIHL 1 South by moving to Kent. Dewey’s defensive game has come on leaps and bounds, proving a popular player with the Kent faithful. Never one to lead the scoring charts, the blueliner tallied 26 points in 97 regular season contests with the Medway side and 3 points in 16 playoff games. Invicta were the most team to break Chelmsford’s recent dominance on all the NIHL 1 South silverware as Dewey and his teammates pulled of a surprise by winning the NIHL South 1 Playoff title beating the Chieftains over two legs in the final to secure the crown.

Dewey also earned international honours this past season as he represented Great Britain alongside Stuart Mogg and Vanya Antonov at the Universiade in Kazakhstan.

The first time I tried to write anything about Elliott Dewey, I had to ask him mum for help. Thankfully, there’s a bit more on the young man this time to sink our teeth in to.

The current Dynamos defenceman of the year has grown in stature since he left Basingstoke in 2014. At NIHL 1 South level, despite the recent long line of Chieftains trophy wins interspersed with other names here and there, Invicta have long been powerhouses at this level. Kev Parish doesn’t take chances on people lightly and his systems appear to have brought the best of of Dewey.

Numbers do lie but they don’t on this occasion; Elliott is a no nonsense, stay at home defenceman, arguably the second on the roster after the return of Dan Scott. The Bison can’t be looking to Dewey for secondary offence off the back end but the can look to him for stability. Dewey is a good player who can bridge that gap in knowledge that some players won’t have. If nothing else, Kev Parish is not going to magically change his coaching style in this off season and any insight into an opponent is valuable.

It’s hard to tell given that the roster currently has 2 defenders and no netminders but I venture that Sheppard isn’t signing Elliott to warm the bench, not this time. I don’t think Dewey gets top pairing minutes or much first unit powerplay time but penalty killing will be a forte here as well as being able to play in the 3rd, 4th or 5th defenceman spot depending on the rest of the roster signed.

Elliott arguably left at the right time. After a season where he was practically ghosted off of the roster, he went for a change of scenery and it’s clearly worked. Many thought the young man would be heading to the PIHL for this season. For some this is a step upwards, some see it as a step sideways. Certainly the quality of the players currently signed shows that he’ll be surrounded by some quality players. We’ll just have to enjoy the rest of the signings rolling in to see exactly where the Elliott Dewey shaped piece fits into the puzzle.

Welcome back, Elliott.


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