Building the Herd – Dan Lackey

#9 Dan Lackey

Position: Utility (normally forward)

Born: Basingstoke, Hampshire

Announced as signed: Basingstoke Gazette, 3rd August

Back in Lack(ey); Dan Lackey returns to the Bison for 2017/18.
(c) 5 Hole Photography

As soon as we were caught up from our paternity leave, Thursday rolled around and Bison coach Doug Sheppard added to the roster for the 2017/18 season by announcing the return of Dan Lackey.

27 year old Lackey played his first full season for the Bison in 2016/17 after a storied career in junior and NIHL 2 hockey in his home town. Lackey played in 50 games scoring 2 goals and 4 assists for 6 points. He is also the reason that Sam Godfrey (then of Guildford) still has a headache.

Lackey is a true product of the Basingstoke system. His official stats on Elite Prospects go back to the NHL lockout season of 2004/05 when he split his time between the Bison u16s and u19s before progressing to playing under 19s (as it was then) full time in 2006/07.

After 06/07 there was a reorganising of the age groups under the EIHA structure and the under 19s became the under 18s for 2007/08. Lackey had a productive year with 7 goals and 12 points in 17 games at under 18 level as well as making his senior hockey debut in the old ENL with the Basingstoke Buffalo.

After those initial 11 games, Lackey was a stalwart of the Buffalo lineup. Usually playing on defence for the Blue Herd but able to play up front as well, Lackey was routinely in the scoring numbers for the Buffalo. Dan took the 2013/14 season out of hockey to travel but returned back and slotted straight back into the Buffalo line up including guesting for Solent Devils, his only game for a senior team outside of Basingstoke.

Lackey has a total of 160 games in all competitions for the Buffalo with a total of 162 points with the Buffalo making him one of the Blue Herd’s most productive players. His final season with the Buffalo in 2015/16 say him score 22 points in 9 games.

Lackey’s history with the Bison was sporadic until the last season. He made his debit for the Herd under Steve Moria in the 2009/10 season and returned the next year for 13 more games before then not appearing for the Herd till 2015/16 under Doug Sheppard. He tallied 3 assists in 16 games before earning a contract for the duration of the last campaign.

The other side that Lackey has appeared for regularly is the Southampton Spitfires university side for whom he played 6 seasons as student and alumni.

I had to have a wry chuckle when the Gazette mentioned adding more firepower when we added Dan Lackey. That’s not to disrespect Dan in any way but since his permanent addition to the Bison roster, Dan Lackey’s not been signed for his goalscoring prowess. He even admits in the Gazette piece that he’s not the most skilful of players but isn’t afraid to get into the corners and do the dirty work that others won’t or can’t do.

What we have to remember is that the dynamics have changed. It’s really easy (and I’m totally blaming baby brain for this even though I wasn’t the one giving birth) to forget that we’re not in the EPL any more. We’re in a 2 import NIHL where British guys who got a few minutes now have a chance to be playing big minutes.

I don’t think there’s any massive secret to how Dan Lackey will be used and it won’t be as Vanya Antonov’s wing man. What I really want to see is Dan Lackey really embrace the sort of role that Alan Lack and Joe Rand used to fill for the Herd. Yes, Lackey can shoot but he has the size and he has the strength. Park him in front of the net on as many set plays and powerplays as we possibly can. There are not many defencemen in the NIHL north or south that are going to easily move Dan Lackey if he’s on his game. That needs to be used. With the loss of Ciaran Long and Declan Balmer, that big shot to cause some havoc on the powerplay for Lackey to mop up but Antonov, Davies and Dan Scott will do an admirable job. We also learned from the Gazette piece that there’s one more British forward and one more import forward so if one of those has a cannon of a shot then that solves that issue.

Less flash, more crash; that’s probably the best way to describe what the Bison will get out of Dan Lackey. That’s what we need him for. Look at the forwards already signed, the Bison don’t massively need another flashy, skill guy but there was that slot still available for gritty depth who will do that bit of standing up for his team mates if required. The shift of leagues sees Dan have a real chance to carve out more of a niche for himself. I’m intrigued to see how this pans out.

Welcome back, Dan.


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