Goodnight and Good Luck – Dan Lackey

The Bison’s inconsistent start has led to some changes being made. There’s one in, one out and we’ll deal with the departure first as Dan Lackey steps aside.

What have we lost?

Lackey was a depth forward for the Bison and I don’t think anyone would argue that, even Lackey himself. He’s the sort of player who, for the Bison was asked to go into the trenches and the dirty areas and be that physical player. He was asked to go into the corners and be the checking forward or clear the way. He wasn’t, at least for this writer, there to put up lots of points.

The Bison lose a bit of physicality from the line-up as there is arguably now few players prepared to go and play the body as well as throw the hands if required.

Where has he gone?

Lackey has moved to the Buffalo in NIHL 2 as part of the roster moves.

Who replaces him?

I suppose technically Sam Brook (who we’ll cover tomorrow) in the sense the club covered them both in the same press release but given the skill set of both players, it’s not much of a like for like swap is it?

Final thoughts:

I have to confess to being slightly confused with this roster move unless one specific thing is happening.

I didn’t think that Lackey had played particularly badly so far. There have been issues with the forwards producing offence but again, what is Lackey being asked to do? Score? He was doing all the things above that he was being asked to do, wasn’t he? That’s what makes this move somewhat unusual.

I feel bad for Lackey as a result; a player who can play forward or defence was asked to do a roll and when the top end guys are struggling to produce the numbers, the Bison release one of their role players instead and release him, if you believe the press release as gospel, for a 17 year old who is also added on a two way.

The thing is that we don’t necessarily believe that Sam Brooks is Lackey’s actual replacement. We’ll look at the potential of Brooks in another piece because the departure of Lackey means that the Chris Wiggins sized elephant in the room.

If the Bison have signed Chris Wiggins after his appearance at the end of the bench a couple of weeks ago then this move makes a bit more sense because it would be a move that would make sense. The Bison free up a roster spot to add physicality whilst giving a young, skill player a chance at the roster whilst also getting ice time with the Buffalo. That would make sense.

However that’s not what we’ve been given at the moment. Instead it’s a press release outside of the Herd’s usual announcement schedule and we’re all left scratching our heads a bit. Ultimately I don’t think that Dan Lackey did that much of anything wrong, it is just a move that Doug Sheppard thought he needed to make and he’s made it.

Thanks for everything, Dan and all the best.


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