The BOTW Podcast

For a while, Banners On The Wall has been covering the Basingstoke Bison in its own unique way with in depth game reviews, player comings/goings as well as the best lowdowns on the Bison’s opponents for the season and whatever hockey I take in from around the country and the world.

From September 2014, BOTW has branched out and has started The BOTW Podcast.

The BOTW Podcast is a fortnightly podcast that will (normally) be released on Fridays covering all the best of British hockey with a focus on the NIHL.  There are many great podcasts that focus on the Elite League or are club specific but there was nothing that put the NIHL as its focus…so here we are.

For 2017/18 we’re also proud to welcome Victory Hockey UK as the podcast’s official sponsor.

There are many ways to listen;

On the blog – each episode will get its own blog entry so if you subscribe to posts from the blog you can listen in your browser

On iTunes – that’s right, we’re doing this properly, see here. Subscribe to the podcast there and when a new episode is ready to go, it’ll download right away for you.

Via the RSS feed – if you look to the top right of every page on the blog, there’s the RSS feed. If you’re not using iTunes or use another audio programme and just want to download the mp3 file itself then click here and fill your boots.

On Spotify – mix us in with all of your playlists for that dose of hockey chat. Click here for that.

Via Spreaker – this is where the podcast is hosted so if you want to do it there you can do then click here if so inclined.

Our awesome podcast logo was made by Effy of ZP Stitching, remember to visit them for all your hockey jersey customisation needs.

The podcast is brand new so there will be things tinkered with as time goes by.  We’re also interested in hearing from you:

  • Are you interested in becoming a sponsor? BOTW has never been a commercial enterprise but if you’ve got something hockey people need to hear about and want to get it out there to the hockey watching public then I’m happy to listen.
  • Are you in a band and think “our music’s pretty awesome and better than the stuff he’s using”? Well then I’d happily use some as the intro and outro music.

Fill in the contact form below if you’re interested.


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  1. […] for 2017/18. The podcast is available on iTunes, RSS and Spreaker. Further details can be found at @BannersOTW or The brand new podcast logo has been provided again by […]

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